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August 23, 2023

Frankfurt's leonardo. impact Gains Momentum with €555K Pre-seed Funding Boost

Leonardo.impact ignites €555k boost led by bmh to revolutionize sustainability data

In a stride towards harnessing technology for social and environmental change, Frankfurt's very own leonardo. impact has garnered €555,000 in pre-seed funding. The funding wave, led by Hessian-based investor bmh, accompanied by eight angel investors, marks a significant milestone for the impact reporting platform.

The story of leonardo. impact is one of technology aligning with purpose. Armed with a strategic infusion of €555,000 in pre-seed funding, the Frankfurt-based platform is set to redefine impact measurement. Driven by a mission to deliver not just data, but trusted insights that catalyze change, the company’s growth aspirations are intrinsically linked to its vision of a world where sustainability data regains its trustworthiness.

The financial catalyst of this chapter stems from a funding round spearheaded by bmh, the Hessian investor with a penchant for visionary endeavors. Supported by a coalition of angel investors, the funding infusion serves as an enabler for the platform's expansion, underpinning its commitment to impact-driven solutions.

As the CEO of leonardo. impact, Jan Moellmann, succinctly articulates, "We need to develop better and simpler technology, based on scientific standards, so that sustainability data can be trusted again." Moellmann's words reflect the essence of the platform's pursuit—a quest for credible and actionable insights that empower change agents and stakeholders alike.

Stephan Gross, representing bmh, encapsulates the significance of this alliance of visionaries and investors. "We are very excited to join the team of visionary and experienced investors, especially given the difficulties startups face in raising funding in the current market. It underscores the importance of impact measurement serving the needs of funders and impact-driven companies looking to bring about positive change," emphasizes Gross.

The narrative of leonardo. impact mirrors the evolving ethos of today's technological landscape—a fusion of purpose and innovation. In a world where sustainable change is the collective goal, the platform's journey is not just a story of funding, but of technology's power to reshape accountability and fuel the engine of positive transformation. As leonardo. impact propels itself towards this vision, it invites us to embrace a future where data isn't just numbers, but a catalyst for meaningful change.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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