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January 17, 2024

Furbnow Secures £950K Investment to Accelerate Net-Zero Journey for UK Homes

Furbnow, the holistic home energy efficiency platform on a mission to simplify the path to net-zero for every household

In a bold move toward making every home energy-efficient, UK climate-tech startup Furbnow has clinched a £950,000 pre-seed investment. Backed by key supporters such as SFC Capital, Norrsken Accelerator, and Daniel Luhde-Thompson (CTO of Quadrature), Furbnow is gearing up to launch its revolutionary home decarbonization platform.

Imagine a world where every home contributes to a sustainable future. Furbnow, a climate-tech innovator based in the UK, is turning this vision into reality. With a substantial £950,000 pre-seed investment, the startup is set to transform the landscape of home energy efficiency, simplifying the path to a net-zero future for households across the nation.

Furbnow's mission is grounded in the urgency to retrofit two homes per minute, a critical step to meet the Net Zero targets by 2050. Recognizing the gaps in support for those seeking sustainable changes, Furbnow aims to be the catalyst for change. The startup is gearing up for a groundbreaking trial with Birmingham City Council’s Route to Net Zero team in early 2024, focusing on enhancing energy efficiency for households that don't qualify for grant funding.

The upcoming pilot program aligns seamlessly with Birmingham City Council's commitment to decarbonize homes, aligning with their ambitious 2030 Net Zero target. In a country where 97% of homes are currently labeled as inefficient, Furbnow's initiative addresses a crucial shortfall in meeting national and global Net Zero objectives.

Founded by Becky Lane, an energy efficiency industry expert, and Laurence Watson, a serial climate tech entrepreneur and data scientist, Furbnow boasts nearly 20 years of collective experience across energy, buildings, and technology. Their mission? Retrofit one million homes by 2030, eliminating the hassle from every stage of the home energy improvement process.

As Furbnow helps homeowners plan their energy improvement roadmap, the latest £950,000 investment signals a significant leap forward. The startup's expansion of its supplier network aims to support customers with insulation, ventilation, new energy generation, and low-carbon heating installations. Furbnow envisions becoming the go-to platform for homeowners seeking advice and support as they embark on the journey of installing low-carbon technologies and enhancing energy efficiency in their homes.

In the words of Becky Lane, co-founder and CEO of Furbnow, "We’re building Furbnow to be the go-to platform for homeowners who want advice and support as they plan and install low carbon technologies and energy efficiency elements in homes." With a strategic blend of technology, support, and a commitment to sustainability, Furbnow is poised to lead the charge in transforming homes and accelerating the UK's path to a net-zero future. The journey to energy-efficient homes has never been more exciting. Welcome to the future with Furbnow.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content writer at TechNews180
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