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August 24, 2023

Futraheat's Greensteam 360 Reboots Industrial Heat Efficiency

Green revolution: Greensteam 360 reshapes heat energy reducing 80% and cutting carbon emissions

In the heart of London, a trailblazing startup is orchestrating an energy evolution. Futraheat, the industrial heat pump innovator, has unveiled its latest marvel, the Greensteam 360. This 300kW industrial heat pump possesses a remarkable ability – it elevates low-grade waste heat by a staggering 60 degrees. This ingenious technology upcycles the reclaimed heat, offering clients both energy savings and a tangible reduction in their carbon footprint. With the potential to slash energy consumption by over 80%, the Greensteam 360 emerges as an emblem of sustainable progress.

Fueling this technological leap is a strategic funding boost from Innovate UK, amounting to £689,000. This capital infusion complements existing support from clean tech investor Clean Growth Fund, which invested £1.5 million earlier this year. Collectively, these resources form a formidable foundation for a visionary £1 million initiative.

The forthcoming phase for Futraheat hinges on identifying a UK industry partner who will usher in the pilot project. This venture aims to generate low-cost steam at temperatures reaching 150°C, a sought-after range for numerous industries.

Tom Taylor, the visionary CEO at Futraheat, spearheads this energy revolution with fervor. His words underscore the importance of reclaiming industrial heat, stating, "Seventy percent of industrial energy demand revolves around heat, often utilized for processes within the 100-200°C range – a spectrum integral to sectors like pharmaceuticals, food, and brewing."

Traditionally, this heat goes untapped, a missed opportunity. Taylor's technology, however, thrives on recycling this otherwise discarded heat, elevating it by an impressive 60 degrees, and channeling it back to clients at temperatures up to 150°C. This not only dismantles energy usage by a remarkable 80%, but also redefines energy costs and a company's carbon footprint.

In the dynamic landscape of sustainable technology, Futraheat spotlights how even the most modest of resources can spark monumental change. The Greensteam 360 symbolizes more than efficiency; it embodies the transformational possibilities that lie within sustainable energy solutions.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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