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November 13, 2023

Fyma's $2.1M, AI-Powered Real-Time Video Analysis Sparks Global Excitement

London's very own Fyma, the wizard behind real-time video analysis, just pulled off a financial coup

In a dynamic play at the intersection of artificial intelligence and real estate innovation, London-based startup Fyma has just hit the jackpot with a $2.1 million funding round. Picture this: Quadri Ventures and Second Century Ventures joining forces to fuel Fyma's ambitious expansion plans. This infusion of capital marks a significant stride for the AI company, set to revolutionize the realms of facilities management and real estate. Let's dive into how Fyma is transforming security cameras into powerful sensors, unraveling a world of possibilities in real-time video feed analysis.

Founded in 2019 by Karen Burns and Taavi Tammiste, Fyma has quickly emerged as a global player with offices in London, New York, and Tallinn. The company's forte lies in universal compatibility—its software seamlessly integrates with any IP camera worldwide. Fyma's AI and computer vision capabilities turn security cameras into multifaceted tools, delivering comprehensive real-time video feed analysis.

Fyma's software isn't just another tech tool; it's a game-changer for commercial real estate developers, asset owners, and managers. Through detailed insights covering everything from monitoring and occupancy analysis to footfall tracking and parking management, Fyma's offerings redefine property management. The software caters to individual office buildings, expansive retail sites, and large mixed-use developments, providing bespoke solutions that align with the unique needs of each client.

What sets Fyma apart is its commitment to environmental sustainability. The software is designed to be compatible with existing camera networks, reducing the need for additional hardware and costly infrastructure upgrades. Fyma's mission is clear—to reduce the carbon footprint associated with widely used sensor systems. Moreover, the data generated by Fyma's software seamlessly integrates with ESG dashboards, aligning with the growing focus on environmental, social, and governance factors.

As Fyma secures the backing of Quadri Ventures, Second Century Ventures, and VeUP, the future looks exceedingly bright. Karen Burns, CEO of Fyma, envisions a path of growth and innovation, driven by their innovative AI solution. The strategic partnership promises not just financial support but also technological backing and a network that propels Fyma into new frontiers. Quadri Ventures expresses excitement about Fyma's position at the cutting edge of AI automation, while Second Century Ventures sees the potential for Fyma to revolutionize the industry. As Fyma embarks on this transformative journey, fueled by visionary investors, the stage is set for the next era in real-time video analytics. Watch this space, as Fyma propels towards global leadership, armed with innovation, capital, and a network of strategic support.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content writer at TechNews180
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