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Gamer Arena Boosted by DOMiNO Ventures for AI

Gamer Arena, Türkiye's gaming hub, scored a major win with an investment from DOMiNO Ventures
March 11, 2024

Introducing a significant stride in the realm of competitive gaming, Gamer Arena secured a substantial investment boost from DOMiNO Ventures this week.

Boasting a staggering portfolio of over 700 tournaments and a robust community exceeding 500,000 members, Gamer Arena emerges as the preeminent competitive platform in Türkiye.

Catering to gaming aficionados, Gamer Arena orchestrates tournaments spanning more than 30 games, including popular titles like FIFA, Clash Royale, and PUBG. Moreover, the platform offers an immersive one-on-one gaming experience through its lineup of self-developed games.

Accessible across web and mobile platforms, Gamer Arena's gaming ecosystem operates seamlessly on GAU Token infrastructure, enabling users to accrue GAU Tokens through gameplay.

With this strategic investment injection, Gamer Arena sets its sights on pioneering new AI-driven products while broadening the utility spectrum of GAU Token.

In a game-changing move, DOMiNO Ventures fuels Gamer Arena's trajectory with a significant investment, valuing the platform at an impressive $6 million.

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