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German Biotech Startup Secures $3.3M to Revolutionize Food Tech

Pacifico Biolabs, a trailblazing biotech startup from Germany, has triumphantly secured $3.3M in a pre-Seed funding
February 19, 2024

Pacifico Biolabs, a German biotech startup, has secured a notable $3.3 million in pre-Seed funding, led by Simon Capital and FoodLabs, among others. This injection of capital is earmarked to propel Pacifico Biolabs' fermentation technology, aimed at revolutionizing the food industry, particularly in the seafood sector.

In today's landscape, where sustainability is paramount, Pacifico Biolabs is at the forefront, cultivating innovative 'whole-muscle' structures as eco-friendly alternatives to traditional fish products. Their approach addresses pressing environmental concerns while offering nutritious and commercially viable solutions.

Zac Austin, CEO of Pacifico Biolabs, underscores their commitment to overcoming challenges faced by the alternative protein sector. With the backing of seasoned investors, this funding sets the stage for Pacifico Biolabs to expand their solution effectively, heralding the imminent launch of their products across Europe.

The seafood industry grapples with significant environmental repercussions, from CO2 emissions to aquaculture-related issues. Pacifico Biolabs' mission to reshape this sector has garnered enthusiastic support. Patrick Noller, General Partner at FoodLabs, emphasizes the urgency of sustainable practices in seafood, applauding Pacifico's potential to drive transformative change.

Since its inception in November 2022, Pacifico Biolabs has swiftly gained recognition for its fermentation innovation. Winning top honors at the EIT FOOD Summit underscores their dedication to combatting CO2e emissions within the food system.

Strategically headquartered in Leipzig, Pacifico Biolabs has fostered strategic alliances with leading research institutions, bolstering their R&D endeavors. The influx of top-tier talent into their ranks positions them for continued innovation and market disruption.

As Pacifico Biolabs gears up for rapid expansion and European market penetration, challenges lie ahead, from scaling production to meeting taste and texture expectations. Nonetheless, with their track record of early success, robust partnerships, and a talented team, Pacifico Biolabs is poised to lead the charge toward a greener, more sustainable food future.

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