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German Drone Pioneer, Quantum Systems, Soars with €63.6 Million Series B Funding

The trailblazing German drone startup, has secured a monumental €63.6 million in Series B funding
By Josefina Dipaolo
October 27, 2023

Quantum Systems, the trailblazing German drone startup, has secured a monumental €63.6 million in Series B funding, propelling its total funding to over €100 million. This funding round, led by HV Capital and DTCP, also witnessed robust participation from esteemed investors like Project AThiel CapitalScaleUp Fonds BayernOmnes Capital, and Airbus Ventures, signifying unwavering confidence in Quantum Systems' endeavors.

Quantum Systems' ambitious plans for the funds revolve around expanding its operations and widening its horizons within the drone industry. This significant financial infusion follows a previous round of investment in 2022, highlighting the company's consistent progress and potential.

Founded in Munich in 2015 by Armin Busse and Florian Seibel, Quantum Systems has etched its name as a pioneering force in the realm of dual-use drone-robotics, offering cutting-edge multi-sensor technology solutions tailored for both governmental and commercial clients. The company specializes in the research, design, and manufacture of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS).

These electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) sUAS are meticulously crafted to optimize range, versatility, and the overall user experience. By integrating state-of-the-art software capabilities such as edge computing and real-time AI-powered data processing, Quantum Systems is at the forefront of building the next generation of UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems). These advanced systems cater to a wide array of industries, including security, defense, public safety, commercial ventures, and geospatial operations across Europe.

Quantum Systems' UAS technologies are versatile and cater to a plethora of real-world applications, such as aiding in search and rescue missions after natural disasters, automated inspections of railways post-severe weather events, and providing aerial intelligence for large-scale construction projects. These drones have become invaluable tools across numerous sectors.

Quantum Systems has not just raised the bar for drone capabilities but is actively shaping the drone industry's future by empowering their aerial robotics with AI technology. The company has recently secured a pivotal contract with the German Armed Forces for Vector reconnaissance drones, bolstering Europe's security infrastructure.

Teaming up with Airbus Defence and Space, and backed by the German Ministry of Defense, Quantum Systems has been at the forefront of advancing tactical drones infused with AI and swarming technologies. The company also remains committed to supporting Ukraine through multiple deliveries of Vector drones, driving innovations in AI capabilities, endurance, and further system architecture integrations.

Quantum Systems aspires to lead the global market in AI-powered drone-robotics. Their strategy revolves around creating a family of systems with seamless integration, a unified software stack, and the development of Drone Ports.

Florian Seibel, co-founder and CEO at Quantum Systems, shares his vision, "In the face of ever-evolving global challenges, Quantum Systems recognizes the need for a bottom-up flexible approach. This approach fosters innovation and adaptability, enabling Europe to sustain its democratic values while embracing disruptive technologies that drive progress."

Christian Saller, General Partner at HV Capital, expresses his excitement at Quantum Systems' journey, "We are excited to back Quantum Systems' vision for global leadership in AI-powered drone-robotics. The team has showcased their ability to sustain a technological advantage. We look forward to working with the team as they expand their product offering."

Uwe Horstmann, General Partner at Project A Ventures, reiterates the importance of Quantum Systems in the contemporary tech landscape, stating, "Recent geopolitical events have made it crystal clear that we as venture capital investors can no longer afford to ignore the complexities of defense technology, which includes dual-use concepts with multiple applications. That's why we're proud to continue to back Quantum Systems in becoming a major dual-use player that strengthens European and Western tech resilience."

With its newfound financial backing and unwavering commitment to innovation, Quantum Systems is poised for significant contributions in the drone-robotics landscape, reinforcing its status as a true industry leader. The future of aerial technology indeed seems bright with Quantum Systems at the helm.

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