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September 1, 2023

GoCar Speeds Up Irish Mobility Revolution with €10M Boost

GoCar Drives Forward with €10M Boost for enhancement of its current services across Ireland

Dublin-based GoCar, a trailblazing vehicle-sharing service, is shifting gears in Ireland's transportation landscape. Securing a substantial €10 million investment, GoCar is steering towards expansive growth and service enhancement, weaving a web of sustainable and flexible mobility solutions.

As the wheels of progress turn, GoCar is resolute in its mission: to quench the burgeoning thirst for transport alternatives that transcend private vehicle ownership. This substantial investment paves the road for a multitude of impactful changes, injecting fresh energy into Ireland's mobility landscape.

With an eye on addressing customer needs, the investment unfurls a dynamic tapestry of improvements. The commitment is palpable; 280 new vehicles are set to grace 149 locations across the nation. From the bustling urban streets to the tranquil rural pathways, GoCar aims to be a ubiquitous presence, with a projected 1100 GoCar vehicles cruising Irish roads by the close of 2023.

Choice becomes the new driving force. This expansion isn't just about numbers; it's about empowering users with an eclectic spectrum of vehicles. From zippy city rides to spacious SUVs catering to families, GoCar is ushering in a versatile array of transportation options.

Paul McNeice, the Head of Country for GoCar, echoes this sentiment: "Our investment reflects our dedication to increasing the availability of sustainable and flexible transport options to meet the evolving needs of our customers." It's about weaving mobility into the fabric of communities, transforming transportation into an integral part of daily life.

But the investment isn't just about vehicles; it's about fostering a deeper connection with users. A new loyalty program is on the horizon, a gesture that rewards repeat customers for their continued trust in car-sharing services.

Founded in 2008 by Marc Rafferty and Michael Newham, GoCar operates on a membership-based model. Unlocking a car with a membership card and PIN, users can seamlessly embark on their journeys. The fleet spans vans, hatchbacks, and electric cars, catering to diverse preferences and environmental consciousness.

With an eye fixed on 2024, GoCar gears up to tackle the electric vehicle revolution. Collaborations with strategic partners are on the horizon, amplifying the expansion of the 'GoElectric' range. This isn't just about transportation; it's about paving the way for sustainable choices, aligning with a future that's electric and eco-conscious.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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