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August 23, 2023

Goodwings: $1.5M Boost for Green Travel Tech

Danish climate tech pioneer Goodwings secures $1.5M funding boost to fuel sustainable travel revolution

In a leap towards shaping the future of travel with sustainability at its core, Danish SaaS travel management platform Goodwings has surged ahead with a resounding success. The company has secured a substantial $1.5 million in late Seed investment, setting the stage for a trailblazing journey that merges technology with climate-conscious innovation. Anchored by strategic partnerships and visionary backers, Goodwings is set to redefine the travel landscape for environmentally responsible business journeys.

With its subscription-based platform underpinned by a unique cashback model, Goodwings spearheads decarbonization in travel. Businesses leveraging the platform find an avenue to book and manage their journeys, and to access comprehensive emissions data. This data holds the key to ESG reporting, offering businesses a tangible pathway to accountability and sustainability.

The $1.5 million late Seed investment is the result of a synergy of visionary investors. Global Cleantech Capital (GCC), JTB USA (a subsidiary of JTB Corp), and existing supporters converge to fuel Goodwings' ambitions. The significance of JTB USA's strategic partnership is particularly pronounced, paving the way for amplified global reach and client acquisition. This alliance holds the potential to reshape the trajectory of sustainable travel solutions on a global scale.

Christian Møller-Holst, the founder and CEO of Goodwings, underscores the magnitude of this transformative juncture. "The investment and strategic partnership with JTB USA presents a monumental growth opportunity for Goodwings," Møller-Holst declares. The alignment of market demand with Goodwings' mission is palpable, as the stage is set for dynamic collaboration.

As the travel industry grapples with environmental challenges, Goodwings emerges with a solution that unites technology, data-driven insights, and partnerships which amplify the potential to reshape the way businesses traverse the globe. The journey ahead is not merely about bookings; it's about realizing the promise of sustainable, accountable travel.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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