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Greensphere's £66.3M Boost for Gaia Sciences Innovation

Greensphere Capital, a specialist investment advisor, made headlines by securing a whopping £66.3 million
March 25, 2024

Specialist investment advisor Greensphere Capital has recently made waves in the financial world, announcing an impressive £66.3 million raise for its Gaia Sciences Innovation fund. What makes this initiative particularly noteworthy is its focus on bringing together leading British bioscience and environmental science institutes under one umbrella.

Imagine the potential when over 4,000 scientists, researchers, and conservationists from renowned institutions such as the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, ZSL, and the University of York collaborate towards a common goal. This synergy promises groundbreaking innovations aimed at addressing pressing global challenges like biodiversity loss and climate change.

The funds secured will be strategically invested in startups, spin-outs, and scale-up businesses closely linked to these esteemed institutes. With a keen eye on regional research hubs like York and Norwich, the initiative aims to foster innovation across the UK, ensuring a widespread impact.

Key to this fundraising effort is the partnership with the UK Infrastructure Bank, which has committed up to £50 million in match-funding, demonstrating a shared commitment to driving meaningful change. Additionally, the £15 million investment from Frank Mars, a respected figure in bioscience and AgTech investments, further underscores the significance of this endeavor.

Divya Seshamani, Managing Partner of Greensphere Capital, expressed her excitement about the quality of investors supporting the Gaia Sciences Innovation fund, highlighting the alignment of values among stakeholders. She emphasized the collective effort to create value not only for investors but also for partner institutes and society at large.

In a statement, John Flint, CEO of the UK Infrastructure Bank, emphasized the pivotal role of natural capital in achieving net-zero goals and lauded the deal for its potential to scale investment in this crucial sector.

Echoing these sentiments, Frank Mars, Chair of the Limited Partner Advisory Committee of Gaia Sciences Innovation, emphasized the importance of collaboration in driving true innovation. He praised the holistic approach taken by Greensphere and the Gaia Sciences Innovation fund, emphasizing the blend of bioscience innovation with systems thinking to pave the way for a sustainable future.

In a landscape increasingly defined by the urgency of climate action and ecological preservation, initiatives like the Gaia Sciences Innovation fund stand out as beacons of hope. By harnessing the collective expertise of leading scientific institutions and visionary investors, it's poised to catalyze real change, ensuring a brighter, greener future for generations to come.

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