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Grwth Ventures: Pioneering Consumer Venture Funding Excellence

Today marks the exciting launch of Grwth Ventures by Grwth Club, backed by a significant £5 million investment
March 5, 2024

Today marks the birth of Grwth Ventures, a new player in the consumer venture funding arena, with a solid £5 million investment backing from MNC, the employee-owned media planning and buying agency.

Grwth Club, the brainchild of seasoned entrepreneur Joe Benn and growth specialist Jake Higgins, initially focused on connecting businesses with the right marketing agencies and providing strategic growth advice. Now, with the launch of Grwth Ventures, they're taking their mission a step further.

The venture will operate under the overarching Grwth brand alongside Grwth Club and Grwth Advisory, which specialize in agency matchmaking and strategic growth support. Notable clients already in their roster include yfood, Surreal, Genius, GRIND, and TALA.

In today's evolving startup landscape, particularly in the consumer sector, traditional valuation models and growth strategies are being reassessed. Grwth Ventures aims to address this by investing patient capital into businesses with solid fundamentals at the Seed and Series A stages, prioritizing sustainable growth over rapid expansion.

Their investment thesis centers on consumer products and technology, leveraging their team's extensive experience as angel investors. However, they remain open to exploring opportunities in adjacent sectors, offering founders access to operational expertise and the broader Grwth network.

Jake Higgins, Founding Partner of Grwth, emphasized their mission to reshape the VC model for the modern economy. He highlighted Grwth Ventures as the final piece of their vision, following their success in agency matchmaking and fundraising advisory services.

Echoing this sentiment, Joe Benn, another Founding Partner, expressed gratitude for the strong support received, particularly from MNC. The partnership with MNC, renowned for scaling consumer brands, aligns perfectly with Grwth Ventures' objectives.

Andrew McCutcheon, Founder of MNC, shared his excitement about leading the partnership with Grwth Ventures, underscoring their anticipation of nurturing exceptional brands and founders in the portfolio.

With this strategic alliance and a clear focus on sustainable growth, Grwth Ventures is poised to make waves in the consumer venture funding landscape, offering a refreshing approach to support the next generation of consumer brands and entrepreneurs.

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