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Guesty Raises $130M in Funding for Airbnb Listing Platform

Guesty, an innovative platform empowering accommodation managers to streamline their operations online raised $130M
April 11, 2024

Amidst a resurgence in travel and tourism, Guesty, a leading platform enabling accommodation managers to streamline their operations online, has secured a significant funding round of $130 million. This latest investment underscores the robust recovery of the travel sector and marks a pivotal moment for Guesty and its competitors.

The Series F funding, led by KKR, with participation from Apax Funds, Inovia, BDT & MSD Partners, and Sixth Street, values Guesty at approximately $900 million post-money. The New York-based company, with its origins in Israel, has witnessed a remarkable 5x revenue growth over the past three years, projecting profitability for the current year.

As the global travel and tourism sector rebounds post-Covid, forecasts from the World Tourism and Travel Council suggest record-high sales of $11.1 trillion in 2024. Despite ongoing recovery efforts, tourism in major markets such as the U.S. and China is still catching up to pre-pandemic levels.

For Guesty and its counterparts, the resurgence in the travel industry has translated into significant funding rounds. Competitors like Hostaway and Mews have also secured substantial investments, indicating investor confidence in the sector's revival.

Guesty's CEO, Amiad Soto, highlighted the challenges of navigating a competitive market, noting that perseverance was key to securing funding. With profitability on the horizon, Guesty aims to leverage the investment to enhance its platform, expand into the medium-term rental space, and explore potential acquisitions.

As Guesty sets its sights on further expansion and innovation, the funding round signifies a vote of confidence in the company's vision and capabilities. With travel demand on the rise, Guesty is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the accommodation management industry.

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