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Harbiz Secures €5 Million Funding for Global Expansion

Harbiz, the dynamic Spanish fitness tech startup, secures a robust €5 million in a recent funding round
January 22, 2024

As we usher in a new year, fitness professionals are gearing up to harness the surge in health-conscious resolutions. Retaining clients and delivering top-notch services are pivotal, and Harbiz, the Spanish fitness tech startup, is taking center stage. In a triumphant move, Harbiz concludes a €5 million funding round led by Octopus Ventures, signaling a transformative phase for the digital fitness management platform.

Harbiz doesn't just offer a platform; it crafts an entire digital ecosystem for fitness professionals. This all-encompassing tool simplifies client engagement, fostering seamless global outreach via smartphones and elevating personal brands. Founded in 2020 by Mario Morante and Javier Ortega, Harbiz spans across 35 countries, empowering over 6,000 professionals to impact the lives of 120,000 clients.

The significant funding injection is poised to propel Harbiz to new heights. With a keen focus on integrating AI tools for an enhanced user experience, the goal is to set a benchmark in online client management. This strategic move aligns with Harbiz's mission to reshape the fitness industry.

Harbiz's exponential growth, doubling turnover in 2023, attests to its strategic vision. Octopus Ventures, a key player in UK and European venture capital, stands as a formidable ally in Harbiz's journey. Uthish Ranjan, Partner at Octopus Ventures, emphasizes the game-changing impact of Harbiz's platform on customer engagement and wellness businesses.

Harbiz's CEO and co-founder, Mario Morante, radiates optimism about the partnership, foreseeing global leadership in the sector. The funding, coupled with a dedicated team, positions Harbiz as a trailblazer. Javier Ortega, co-founder, envisions this round as a catalyst for growth and market dominance.

This funding triumph follows a €2.5 million round in May 2022. With Octopus Ventures at the helm, Harbiz is not just a fitness platform; it's a transformative force gearing up for global prominence. As the fitness industry evolves, Harbiz stands ready to redefine the standards and empower fitness professionals worldwide.

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