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HawkCell Secures €5M for Veterinary MRI Innovation

HawkCell pioneers revolutionary MRI tech for animals, tackling limitations in veterinary imaging
March 15, 2024

Introducing a groundbreaking development in veterinary care: Lyon-based medtech startup HawkCell has just announced the successful closure of its Series A funding round this week. 

Addressing a significant gap in the market, HawkCell specializes in a revolutionary MRI plug-and-play solution tailored for veterinary use. Currently, MRI technology for animals is limited, but HawkCell's innovative system incorporates both hardware and software solutions to enhance animal MRI imaging.

Utilizing patented 3D-printed MRI coils customized to fit the anatomy of animals, HawkCell's system delivers top-tier image quality. Additionally, a proprietary animal positioner minimizes the need for anesthesia and associated risks. Adding further sophistication, the integration of AI-driven quantitative and denoising algorithms reduces image acquisition time while maintaining exceptional image quality.

One of the system's standout features is its versatility. Manufacturer-agnostic, it can adapt any human MRI for animal use, empowering veterinarians and medical researchers with superior diagnostic capabilities, heightened efficiency, and enhanced precision.

Crucially, HawkCell upholds the rigorous quality standards of the pharmaceutical industry and ethical principles governing animal research and testing.

Leading the Series A funding round is MIG Capital, accompanied by a French investment bank. Alexis Girin, CEO of HawkCell, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting MIG Capital's extensive experience in funding deep tech and life sciences breakthroughs.

Andreas Kastenbauer, Partner at MIG Capital, emphasized the significance of HawkCell's contributions to animal health. He noted the increasing demand for innovative solutions in veterinary care and expressed confidence in HawkCell's potential to revolutionize animal imaging.

With a commitment to bridging the gap between human and veterinary medicine, HawkCell aims to transform veterinary research and care, providing unprecedented clarity into animals' health.

This latest funding round marks a significant milestone for HawkCell, propelling the company into an exciting new phase of growth and innovation in the field of animal imaging.

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