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Intrinsic ID Boosts Security with Intel Foundry Alliance

Intrinsic ID, renowned for its Physical Unclonable Function technology safeguarding over 650 million devices worldwide
February 23, 2024

In today's rapidly evolving landscape of digital security, Intrinsic ID, a renowned provider of Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) technology, proudly announces its membership in the esteemed Intel Foundry Accelerator IP Alliance program. This strategic collaboration aims to fortify the availability of hardware-based root-of-trust (RoT) solutions for Intel Foundry customers, underlining a shared commitment to bolstering security and reliability across applications.

With a track record boasting over 650 million devices worldwide, Intrinsic ID's QuiddiKey® X00 product family stands as a testament to its prowess in the realm of RoT solutions. Leveraging standard SRAM as a PUF, Intrinsic ID's innovative approach eliminates the need for additional security-dedicated silicon, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising on security. By harnessing the inherently random start-up values of SRAM, QuiddiKey IP generates a hardware RoT that mitigates the risks posed by physical attacks, safeguarding sensitive data without storing a root key.

Moreover, QuiddiKey goes beyond mere encryption, offering comprehensive key provisioning, wrapping, and unwrapping functionalities. This not only ensures secure key storage but also reinforces a trusted supply chain, vital for upholding the security lifecycle of devices. One of the standout features of QuiddiKey is its ability to bind keys and data to specific devices, conferring an added layer of protection by restricting access solely to authorized devices.

Pim Tuyls, CEO and co-founder of Intrinsic ID, expressed confidence in the alliance, emphasizing its significance for mutual customers. "Joining the Intel Foundry Accelerator IP Alliance is a great next step for our mutual customers," he stated, highlighting the alliance's role in empowering customers to build robust hardware RoT solutions, even for Intel Foundry's most advanced nodes.

Suk Lee, Vice President of Ecosystem Technology Office at Intel Foundry, echoed this sentiment, welcoming Intrinsic ID to the alliance and affirming the commitment to customer support. "Intrinsic ID offerings give our customers access to advanced hardware-based RoT solutions with the flexibility to meet a wide array of area, performance, and certification requirements," Lee remarked.

The QuiddiKey X00 product family, tailored for diverse markets such as automotive and datacenter, exemplifies Intrinsic ID's dedication to versatility and quality. NIST CAVP certified and poised for FIPS 140-3 compliance, QuiddiKey IP has garnered acclaim, securing certifications from EMVCo, Visa, CC EAL6+, PSA Certified, and ioXt. Notably, QuiddiKey 300 recently made history as the world's first IP to receive SESIP and PSA Certified level 3 certification.

Intrinsic ID remains at the forefront of security IP for embedded systems, leveraging PUF technology to provide unparalleled hardware security. With solutions adaptable to various chips and product lifecycles, Intrinsic ID empowers global customers to safeguard data, authenticate devices, and fortify digital ecosystems against emerging threats.

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