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IsomAb Raises £7.5M for Breakthrough Diabetes Therapy

IsomAb has engineered an antibody capable of fostering new blood vessel growth, thereby averting ulcers and more
February 21, 2024

IsomAb, a groundbreaking spin-out from the University of Nottingham, is making waves in the healthcare industry with its innovative approach to treating peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in diabetic patients. Today, the company announced a significant milestone, raising £7.5 million in funding to propel its mission forward.

IsomAb, a pioneering University of Nottingham spin-out, is revolutionizing diabetes treatment with its cutting-edge approach to addressing peripheral arterial disease (PAD). This breakthrough has garnered significant attention, culminating in a substantial £7.5 million funding round.

PAD is a prevalent condition characterized by blocked arteries in the legs and feet due to fatty deposits, leading to reduced blood flow. While the body typically compensates by generating new blood vessels, this process is hindered in diabetic individuals, resulting in ulcers and tissue damage. IsomAb's research, led by Professors David Bates and Steve Harper, has identified VEGF-A165b as a key protein inhibiting angiogenesis in diabetics. Leveraging this discovery, IsomAb has developed an antibody to counteract the protein's effects, facilitating the formation of new blood vessels.

Founded in 2022, IsomAb marks the second venture by Professors Bates and Harper, following the success of their previous endeavor, Exonate Ltd. With a focus on diabetic macular edema, Exonate Ltd. has already completed a successful clinical trial.

The latest funding round, led by Broadview Ventures and supported by MEIF Proof of Concept & Early Stage Fund and existing investor SCVC, underscores the industry's confidence in IsomAb's innovative approach. This strategic investment will fuel further research and development, bringing IsomAb's pioneering treatment closer to clinical trials.

Jackie Turnbull, CEO of IsomAb, expressed enthusiasm for the support received, emphasizing the potential of their lead program to address peripheral arterial disease in diabetic patients. Benjamin Kreitman, Principal at Broadview Ventures, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the significant impact IsomAb's approach could have on global healthcare.

With its groundbreaking research and strategic funding, IsomAb is at the forefront of revolutionizing diabetes treatment. As the company advances toward clinical trials, the prospect of a novel therapy for peripheral arterial disease offers hope for millions of patients worldwide.

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