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J2 Ventures Secures $150M for Military Healthcare Focus

J2 Ventures announced a significant milestone on Thursday with the closing of its $150 million
July 5, 2024

J2 Ventures, a Boston-based venture capital firm predominantly led by U.S. military veterans, has announced a significant milestone with the closing of its second fund at $150 million. This new fund marks a substantial increase from its debut fund of $67.5 million launched in 2021. Unlike many of its peers focused purely on defense technology, J2 Ventures takes a unique approach, positioning itself as "national-security adjacent" rather than defense-focused.

Alexander Harstrick, Managing Partner at J2 Ventures, emphasizes their strategic focus on investing in companies whose technologies serve both civilians and the nearly 3 million personnel employed by the U.S. Military. This includes innovative healthcare solutions like Tasso's needle-free blood draw technology and Lumia Health's brain blood flow measurement wearable.

Harstrick highlights the Department of Defense's historical role in early technology adoption, citing examples such as the pioneering use of telemedicine and electronic health records by the Department of Veterans Affairs. J2 Ventures also supports startups in cybersecurity, infrastructure, and advanced computing sectors, such as Femtosense, which develops energy-efficient AI chips for smart devices.

With a commitment to backing companies from pre-seed to Series A stages, J2 Ventures plays a pivotal role in bridging cutting-edge technologies with critical needs in national security and civilian healthcare. The firm's impressive roster of limited partners, including JP Morgan and the New Mexico State Investment Council, underscores its credibility and capacity to drive innovation at the intersection of public and private sectors.

J2 Ventures' latest fund not only reflects growing investor confidence but also underscores its mission to advance technologies that enhance both national security and civilian well-being, embodying a strategic vision shaped by its leadership's deep military and investment expertise.

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