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November 14, 2023

Jolt Capital Fuels BioSerenity's MedTech Revolution with €24M Investment

The trailblazing French private equity firm has injected a robust €24 million into BioSerenity

In a groundbreaking move to revolutionize personalized patient care, Jolt Capital, the French private equity powerhouse, has injected a robust €24 million investment into BioSerenity, a pioneering medtech startup based in France. Renowned for its cutting-edge medical services in electrophysiology, BioSerenity is set to amplify its global footprint, focusing on expansion in key markets, including France and the United States. This significant funding infusion will not only propel international growth but also elevate the capabilities of BioSerenity's Artificial Intelligence (AI) for enhanced diagnostic support, fortify its leadership team, and catalyze further innovation.

Founded in 2014 by Pierre-Yves Frouin, BioSerenity stands at the forefront of developing innovative medical solutions, particularly wearable devices, to facilitate the diagnosis and monitoring of patients grappling with chronic conditions such as epilepsy. These revolutionary medical devices encompass an ecosystem of medical sensors, smart clothing, a user-friendly smartphone app, and a robust web platform powered by Medical AI, adept at detecting digital biomarkers.

Initially dedicated to Neurology, BioSerenity has broadened its scope to address a spectrum of medical domains, spanning sleep disorders and cardiology. With over 300 strategic partners and an annual patient outreach of 150,000, BioSerenity has emerged as a trailblazer in neurological diagnostics and sleep disorders, demonstrating its commitment to reshaping the landscape of patient care.

Jean Schmitt, Managing Partner and Chairman of Jolt Capital, emphasized the strategic importance of investing in healthcare, particularly when anchored by innovative technologies. Jolt Capital sees BioSerenity's proprietary technologies, especially in electroencephalography, as a catalyst for advancing French medical and industrial leadership.

Vincent Marcel, appointed as the new CEO of BioSerenity, expressed his excitement about leading the company into its next phase of development. Armed with experience in healthcare services, Marcel envisions accelerating BioSerenity's impact across Europe and the United States. The collaboration with Jolt Capital sets the stage for BioSerenity to pioneer personalized, preventive, and cost-effective medicine for neurological and sleep disorders.

The €24 million investment from Jolt Capital signals a pivotal moment for BioSerenity, marking not just financial support but a strategic partnership that propels the boundaries of medtech innovation. As Vincent Marcel takes the reins, BioSerenity is poised to redefine patient care, merging disruptive technologies with a commitment to personalized, preventive medicine. The journey ahead promises not just growth but a transformative impact on the lives of millions.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content writer at TechNews180
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