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Juniper Raises £1.5M for Reproductive Health Insurance

Juniper has clinched £1.5 million in pre-seed funding to bolster revolutionizing reproductive healthcare
February 21, 2024

Juniper, a UK-based startup redefining healthcare insurance for the modern workforce, particularly in the realm of reproductive health. Today, Juniper announces a significant milestone, securing £1.5 million in a pre-seed funding round to propel its innovative mission forward. 

With backing from prominent investors including Insurtech Gateway, 2100 Ventures, Exceptional Ventures, and Heartfelt, along with notable angel investors, Juniper is poised to disrupt the insurance landscape.

Much like London’s Fertifa, Juniper shines a spotlight on an often overlooked area in healthcare coverage, offering comprehensive insurance solutions tailored to reproductive health needs. From contraception and STD testing to addressing conditions like endometriosis and erectile dysfunction, Juniper’s coverage extends to areas crucial for employee well-being.

What sets Juniper apart is its inclusive approach, encompassing services such as egg freezing, menopause support, and assistance for gender dysphoria, marking it as the sole insurance provider in this domain.

Co-founded by Ambra Zhang and Sam Pratt, Juniper is fueled by Ambra’s personal journey, navigating the limitations of traditional corporate health insurance. Ambra shares her vision: “Juniper bridges this gap by providing end-to-end reproductive health support for employees and offers tailored, high-quality insurance products for employers and brokers. Our digital platform aims to revolutionize the insurance industry by meeting the unmet needs of the new generation."

With Sam Pratt, a seasoned expert in the insurance and engineering domains, Juniper is well-positioned to drive change. Lead investor Robert Lumley from Insurtech Gateway emphasizes Juniper’s pioneering spirit in addressing crucial but often overlooked healthcare needs: “Juniper is removing the stigma surrounding reproductive health issues and enabling employers to offer comprehensive care for all employees. We are delighted to join them on this journey.”

Juniper's mission is clear: to empower individuals and businesses alike by providing inclusive, forward-thinking insurance solutions that prioritize reproductive health and well-being.

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