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KAYA Launches New €80M Fund to Support Central European Tech Startups

KAYA announces €80M fund to back tech startups in Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland, fostering innovation and growth
June 18, 2024

Czech-based investment firm KAYA is gearing up to launch a new €80 million fund aimed at early-stage tech startups in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland. With a robust portfolio that includes over forty companies, KAYA has already seen significant success, boasting two unicorns: the Czech online grocery service, Rohlík and the Polish healthcare platform, Docplanner.

KAYA’s diverse portfolio also features promising Czech startups such as Supernova, Better Stack, SensibleBio, and Upheal. The firm prides itself on not specializing in any specific segment, allowing them to support a wide array of innovative ventures.

The upcoming fund is expected to attract a similar mix of investors as previous ones, with substantial contributions from institutional investors and about 75% of capital sourced from the private sector. The minimum investment for this fund is set at €1 million.

KAYA's strategy involves co-investing alongside renowned funds like Index Ventures, Creandum, EQT, and Goldman Sachs. Their advisory network includes successful founders like Tomáš Čupr of Rohlík and Juraj Masár and Veronika Koleják of Better Stack, who provide valuable guidance to budding entrepreneurs.

“We support big dreams and ambitious plans,” says Tomáš Obrtáč, one of KAYA's four equal partners. “Our goal is to create the best possible conditions for our entrepreneurs, connecting them with other successful founders and helping them navigate challenges. We believe the Central European region is a fertile ground for building global companies that can dominate their markets.”

Obrtáč, who joined KAYA in 2013 after working at Barclays Capital and Rothschild in London, sees immense potential in Central Europe. “Even though the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland aren’t the largest markets, the talent and potential here are tremendous. Central European entrepreneurs can deliver significantly higher returns per investment dollar compared to their American counterparts. We want to support every innovative venture that emerges from these countries,” he adds.

KAYA’s new fund is poised to further strengthen the tech ecosystem in Central Europe, providing crucial support and resources to the next generation of startup founders. With a track record of fostering successful companies, KAYA continues to be a key player in the region's burgeoning tech scene.

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