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Kearny Jackson's $65M Fund III Backed by Marc Andreessen, Sequoia

Kearny Jackson, a prominent early-stage VC firm, has just unveiled its latest endeavor: Fund III, securing $65 million
July 11, 2024

Kearny Jackson, the early-stage VC firm, has raised an impressive $65 million for its third fund, signaling a robust expansion in its investment capabilities. Known for backing B2B SaaS, infrastructure, and fintech startups, Kearny Jackson has solidified its position with support from a diverse group of institutional investors, including several newcomers to the VC landscape.

Founded by Sriram Krishnan, with a background in product management at Tinder and Spotify, and Sunil Chhaya, formerly with Menlo Ventures and Tenaya Capital, Kearny Jackson prides itself on accelerating time to value for its portfolio companies. This approach has resonated well with LPs like Sequoia and Marc Andreessen, drawn to the firm's blend of operational expertise and venture capital acumen.

With a strategic focus on pre-revenue and pre-product teams, Kearny Jackson aims to maintain a lean stake of 6% to 10% in its investments, injecting approximately $1.5 million into each startup at the pre-seed and seed stages. This approach not only enhances their ability to compete for deals but also allows them to deepen their involvement with portfolio companies, often leading or co-leading funding rounds.

The firm's expanded fund size enables Kearny Jackson to scale its operations significantly, aiming to invest in 30 to 35 startups over the next three and a half years. Already making waves with stealth investments in promising ventures, including one led by former Snowflake executives, Kearny Jackson is poised to assert itself as a lead investor in addition to facilitating connections with other prominent VCs.

Krishnan and Chhaya's partnership brings a unique advantage to founders, offering dual expertise and robust support early in the startup journey. This approach has earned Kearny Jackson a reputation for providing exceptional value, as evidenced by successful investments in companies like MotherDuck, Cortex, and EigenLayer.

As Kearny Jackson embarks on this new chapter with its third fund, the firm is well-positioned to further propel the growth of innovative startups while solidifying its role as a pivotal player in the early-stage investment landscape.

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