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Kost Capital Closes €25M Fund to Transform Food Tech

Denmark's very own Kost Capital, a fresh face in the venture capital arena, has sealed the deal on its inaugural fund
January 11, 2024

Embarking on a mission to revolutionize the food tech landscape, Denmark-based Kost Capital has successfully closed its inaugural fund at €25 million. Backed by the Danish Sovereign fund EIFO, which has previously supported ventures like Performativ and Podimo, Kost Capital is set to pave the way for innovation in the European early-stage food tech sector.

In a strategic move, Kost Capital will channel its investments into pre-seed and seed startups across Europe, with a specific focus on B2B inputs shaping the future of food. The fund has already marked its territory with initial investments in Äio, an Estonian palm oil replacement company, Numi, a French infant formula innovator, and Nutrumami, a Danish ingredient trailblazer.

In a world grappling with a burgeoning population, climate change, health concerns, and evolving policies, Kost Capital recognizes the urgency of swift investments. With a commitment to fostering sustainability, efficiency, and resilience in the food industry, the venture aims to contribute to providing better food for more people.

Led by Kasper Hulthin, Christian Tang-Jespersen, Mark Emil Hermansen, and Jacob Lee Ørnstrand, along with General Partner Bodil Sidén, a seasoned professional with experience in Swedish VC fund blqUber, and Swedish politics, Kost Capital seeks to redefine the future food landscape by concentrating on B2B inputs.

Kost Capital's investment philosophy centers around the bioeconomy, acknowledging its pivotal role in shaping the future of food. The bioeconomy, with its sustainable approach, is seen as a crucial element in redesigning the food system to deliver products that are not only better for health but also for the planet. Kost Capital strives to ensure that taste and texture remain uncompromised in this transformative journey.

Recently establishing a hub in Frederiksberg, Kost Capital positions itself at the intersection of academia and the market. With a fully equipped test kitchen and a strategic partnership with Kost Studio, a food development studio, the venture aims to bridge gaps and provide optimal funding to the most promising innovations.

"We are what we eat, yet the food system is broken. A growing population, climate change, food waste, health issues, and policy changes require rapid funding now to ensure sustainability, efficiency, and resilience in the future of food. We need to bring better food for more people, that’s why we started Kost Capital," emphasized Bodil Sidén, General Partner at Kost Capital.

"Denmark has a proud history of food, and the most interesting fermentation and biotechnology companies have started here. Denmark’s gastronomy scene is also world-class, but Michelin star restaurants only serve 40 seats per night. We need to achieve scale to reach more people, and the key is to combine bioeconomy and gastronomy. We want to empower the next generation of these companies and establish Denmark as the bioeconomy hub in Europe it has all the potential to be," added Bodil Sidén, outlining the ambitious vision of Kost Capital.

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