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Kurs Orbital Rockets with Satellite Servicing Funding

Kurs Orbital, a dynamic startup spearheaded by seasoned Ukrainian space experts with a fresh infusion of funding
March 7, 2024

Enter the realm of space innovation with Kurs Orbital, a startup led by Ukrainian space experts, as it unveils plans to revolutionize satellite servicing technology. With a recent injection of funding, Kurs Orbital is poised to propel humanity into a new era of space exploration and sustainability.

Kurs Orbital, a visionary startup founded by Ukrainian space industry veterans, has announced the closure of a new funding round aimed at fast-tracking the commercialization of its cutting-edge satellite servicing technology. The company, founded two years ago, seeks to unlock unprecedented capabilities in space, including satellite relocation, inspection, de-orbiting, and space debris removal.

Unlike traditional satellite servicing providers, Kurs Orbital does not intend to offer these services directly. Instead, it aims to revolutionize the industry by becoming the leading supplier of rendezvous and docking technology through its innovative "ARCap" module. This module, designed to integrate seamlessly into any spacecraft bus, promises to streamline the development and deployment of satellite servicing missions.

CEO Volodymyr Usov emphasized the critical need for such technology, highlighting the absence of off-the-shelf rendezvous and docking solutions in the market. Kurs Orbital's module, built on the flight heritage of the Soviet-era Kurs rendezvous system, offers a versatile solution capable of attaching to "non-cooperative" targets, including fuel-depleted satellites and space debris.

With plans to launch the first ARCap module by the fourth quarter of 2025, Kurs Orbital is poised to make significant strides in the space industry. The company's ambitious vision has attracted €3.7 million ($4 million) in seed funding, led by European deep tech VC firm OTB Ventures, signaling confidence in its innovative approach.

The burgeoning interest in on-orbit servicing comes on the heels of several high-profile satellite mission failures, underscoring the need for robust solutions. Kurs Orbital's technology not only addresses current challenges but also anticipates future demands, paving the way for a multitude of space applications.

As Kurs Orbital embarks on its mission to reshape the space industry, the possibilities are limitless. With the backing of prominent investors and a visionary team at the helm, the startup is poised to redefine satellite servicing and unlock new frontiers in space exploration. The future of space technology has arrived, and Kurs Orbital is leading the charge into uncharted territories of innovation and discovery.

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