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November 13, 2023

Kvanted Ventures €70 Million Fund Signals Nordic Industrial Tech Era

Powerhouse Kvanted Ventures has just sealed the deal on their first fund, rocking the financial charts at €70 million

In a groundbreaking move, Finland-based early-stage VC, Kvanted Ventures, has successfully closed its inaugural fund, amassing an impressive €70 million. The dynamic fund, backed by influential players including the esteemed Finnish industrial titan, Oras Invest, is set to revolutionize the Nordic industrial tech landscape. As we delve into the details, get ready to witness the emergence of a strategic force connecting traditional industries with cutting-edge technology startups.

Kvanted Ventures proudly claims its place as the first Nordic industrial tech fund, poised to inject vitality into nearly 20 companies. With initial investments ranging from €500K to €3 million, this venture sets itself apart with a commitment to longer-than-average investment terms, aligning seamlessly with the extended development cycles inherent in the industrial domain.

The fund is not just a financial catalyst; it boasts an enviable roster of Venture Partners with backgrounds spanning growth companies and large industries. Suvi Haimi, Lars Peter Lindfors, and Kai Öistämö, luminaries in their respective fields, will actively support and collaborate with Kvanted's portfolio companies, offering a wealth of knowledge, skills, and expansive networks.

Founded in 2023 by Maria Wasastjerna, Eerik Paasikivi, and Axel Ahlström, Kvanted Ventures operates on a mission to forge a more sustainable and efficient industry. Guiding the helm is seasoned investor Heikki Westerlund, Chair of the Board and former CEO of CapMan, bringing invaluable expertise from the broader investment landscape in the Nordics and beyond.

Kvanted Ventures acts as a bridge, connecting traditional industries with innovative startups. The fund's focus spans hardware, software, and service companies dedicated to transforming the industrial value chain. With a laser focus on industrial automation, sustainability, and supply chain resilience, Kvanted Ventures is poised to be a transformative force in the tech ecosystem.

The initial investments by Kvanted set the stage for groundbreaking innovations, including collaborations with: - Fractory: An Estonian automated on-demand manufacturing platform founded in 2017. - Resoniks: A Dutch-Finnish company founded in 2022, specializing in an AI-powered acoustic analysis solution for quality control.

In the words of Maria Wasastjerna, founding partner of Kvanted Ventures, "To remain competitive and contribute to a more sustainable world, the industrial sectors in Finland, the Nordics, and beyond need to evolve." Kvanted Ventures emerges as a strategic ally, not just offering capital but weaving a narrative of collaboration between traditional industrial giants and the pioneers of technological innovation. With a vision that extends beyond financial backing, Kvanted Ventures is set to redefine the industrial tech landscape, propelling companies towards unprecedented growth. As we witness this transformative journey unfold, the collaborative spirit of Kvanted Ventures promises to leave an indelible mark on the future of European tech.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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