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Lapse: 100M Memories Monthly, $30M Raise

The photo-sharing platform announced the closure of its $30M Series A funding round, marking a total of $42.3M
February 28, 2024

In the era of smartphone-dominated photography, one startup is taking a nostalgic twist back to the days of film cameras, and it's paying off big time. Lapse, the photo-sharing app inspired by the charm of film photography, has just sealed a remarkable $30 million Series A funding round, propelling its total funding to an impressive $42.3 million. 

Founded by Ben Silvertown after a transformative journey through Vietnam with a film camera, Lapse aims to recreate the magic of film photography in a digital space. Co-founder Dan Silvertown shared the genesis of the idea, highlighting the allure of delayed gratification and the dreamy aesthetic of film.

Unlike traditional social media platforms driven by likes and followers, Lapse fosters an environment where authenticity reigns supreme. Users are encouraged to share unedited moments, embracing the beauty of imperfection.

What sets Lapse apart is its organic growth. Eschewing traditional marketing tactics, the app has relied on word of mouth and invitations since its inception, resonating particularly well with Gen Z users who seek genuine connections over superficial metrics.

Despite the challenges inherent in building a networked app, Lapse has seen remarkable success, capturing over 100 million memories every month. With a strong foothold in North America, the UK, and Canada, the app has become a favorite among young users, particularly females.
While Lapse is yet to finalize its monetization strategy, its recent funding round, co-led by industry giants Greylock and DST Global Partners, underscores investor confidence in its long-term potential. The team is committed to continual product improvements guided by user feedback, ensuring that Lapse remains at the forefront of the digital photography landscape.

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