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August 25, 2023

London’s DICE Scores $65M Funding Boost Amid Reshuffle

DICE, the rhythm-driven London ticketing hub, hits the high note with $65 million, orchestrated by MUSIC's Matt Pincus

Shifting gears after an internal overhaul and recent staff changes, London's DICE is set for success. The music ticketing platform has struck a chord with investors, securing a $65 million funding round. The ensemble is led by MUSIC, co-founded by music industry stalwart Matt Pincus, and backed by independent music publisher SONGS.

DICE’s funding has seen it amass over $200 million, including an undisclosed seed round and Series B led by Blisce, and a resounding $122 million Series C led by Softbank in 2021.

Notable contributors to this funding opus include Structural Capital and Ahdritz Holding, with follow-up acts by Exor Ventures and Mirabaud Lifestyle Fund. The infusion of funds orchestrates DICE's grand expansion across new horizons, with fresh cities, partnerships, and an array of innovative releases on the bill.

The rhythm has not missed a beat as the company brought in key performers. Jack Whibicks, the organization's former general counsel, steps into the role of Chief Operating Officer, and Katie Soo, an industry virtuoso with executive stints at HBO Max, Hulu, DC Universe, and Warner Bros. Digital Networks, takes on the role of Chief Business Officer.

With over 55,000 artists and more than 10,000 venues, festivals, and promoters in its chorus, DICE’s global reach spans 30 cities. Phil Hutcheon, the CEO and founder, struck a chord of his own: "The live music industry is adopting DICE faster than ever and proves our thesis that if you treat fans well, they buy more tickets, and go out more often. We’re investing heavily in building even more technology and this year alone we released over 60 new features for fans, venues, and artists. I’m excited that Matt (Pincus) has joined the Board and we’re more focused than ever on our mission to get fans out more."

The curtain rises on a new crescendo for DICE, setting the stage for the company's next chapter of growth and innovation.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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