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Lucid Bots Raises $9M for Cleaning Drones

Lucid Bots aiming to build intelligent robots designed to tackle the “dirty” jobs that people prefer not to do
May 8, 2024

Cleaning tall buildings is not just dirty work; it’s also dangerous. Lucid Bots, founded in 2018, introduced its Sherpa line of drones to clean windows in high places. Now, the company is expanding its horizons, moving beyond window cleaning to tackle even more labor-intensive tasks.

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Lucid Bots was part of Y Combinator’s 2019 cohort. It has now transformed into a robotics company, aiming to build intelligent robots designed specifically to handle the “dirty” jobs that people prefer not to do.

“We started with a very simple problem, wanting to make a dangerous job safer,” said Andrew Ashur, founder and CEO of Lucid Bots. “Over the years, the true problem we’re solving is the fundamental fact that people don’t want to do jobs that are considered dull, dirty, dangerous, or demeaning.”

The company’s drones were initially designed to clean building facades, windows, and roofs. However, customer demand led Lucid Bots to develop a new robot capable of cleaning flat surfaces like sidewalks and driveways. The result? The Lavo Bot, a pressure-washing robot.

While big players like Amazon dominate the drone industry, Lucid Bots is carving its niche by focusing on developing frontier technology for traditional industries rather than delivery services. Unlike delivery drones, Lucid Bots' cleaning drones comply with regulations in urban and suburban environments.

Last year, Lucid Bots achieved a significant milestone when it successfully built and delivered two delivery drones within four days. This ability to rapidly bring products to market has been one of Lucid Bots' key strengths.

“We’re like an outlier in the robotics landscape,” Ashur stated. “We’re doing meaningful revenue. We’ve got years of growth. We’ve also got access to this very unique dataset of how you can fly in these environments where most drones aren’t able to fly today, which creates a lot of long-term value for us.”

Lucid Bots generated over $3.5 million in revenue in 2023 and plans to use its recent $9.1 million Series A funding to expand its fleet of autonomous robotics, scale operations, and enter new markets.

The funding round was led by Cubit Capital and joined by Idea Fund Partners, Danu Venture Group, and existing investors, including Y Combinator’s Growth Fund and Gratus Capital. According to Philip Carson from Cubit Capital, Lucid Bots has achieved something remarkable in the cleaning robotics industry by bringing products to market quickly and cost-consciously. 

With its innovative approach and strong revenue growth, Lucid Bots is poised for success in the burgeoning cleaning robotics market.

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