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Mahana Acquires Berlin's Cara Care for Digital Treatment Expansion

San Francisco's Mahana Therapeutics revealed its acquisition of Berlin's HiDoc Technologies, known as Cara Care
March 13, 2024

Today marks a significant stride in the digital healthcare landscape as Mahana Therapeutics, based in San Francisco, announces its acquisition of Berlin's HiDoc Technologies, operating as Cara Care

Mahana specializes in developing digital treatments tailored to empower patients grappling with chronic conditions. Notably, their flagship product, Mahana IBS, achieved a milestone as the first FDA-cleared digital therapeutic for irritable bowel syndrome.

Meanwhile, Cara Care's expertise lies in crafting a digital therapeutic app designed to aid individuals dealing with digestive diseases. From medication management to dietary and mental health interventions, the app fills the gaps between doctor visits, enhancing gastrointestinal health.

This strategic alliance extends their reach across conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Irritable bowel disorder (IBD), celiac disease, and heartburn, with promising ventures into tinnitus, pruritus, and vulvodynia.

Moreover, Mahana anticipates an expedited entry into the European market, where digital program reimbursement outpaces that of the United States. Particularly noteworthy is Cara Care's prescription-based digital program for IBS, currently serving and reimbursed for thousands of patients in Germany.

Simon Levy, CEO of Mahana, emphasized, "The transaction will expedite our mission of reaching millions of patients grappling with chronic conditions, bolstered by collaborations such as our ongoing partnership with Bayer. Integrating our digital programs with conventional treatment options promises improved outcomes, patient satisfaction, and heightened lifetime patient value for our esteemed partners in consumer health and biopharmaceutical domains."

Echoing this sentiment, Jim Mapes, CEO of HiDoc Technologies, expressed, "Cara Care is thrilled to join forces with Mahana to amplify the expansion of our products across Germany and other European markets. Leveraging Mahana's distinctive distribution and partnership model, we aim to extend our compelling Digestive Health offerings to the US marketplace seamlessly."

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