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MarTech Startup Ability AI Secures $1.1M Pre-Seed Funding to Revolutionize Paid Marketing Automation

Ability AI raises $1.1M to revolutionize paid marketing automation with AI, simplifying campaign management for businesses
June 26, 2024

MarTech startup Ability AI has announced securing $1.1 million in pre-seed funding, led by SMRK VC with participation from prominent tech entrepreneurs including Anthony Venus, Catherine Dahl, and Nick Bilogorskiy. This funding round values the company at $10 million and aims to expand the team, enhance product development, and prepare for a public launch in the US and Europe.

In an industry projected to reach $215 billion annually by 2027, MarTech is rapidly evolving with AI-driven solutions designed to optimize marketing workflows. However, the complexity of managing paid marketing campaigns often deters businesses due to unpredictable outcomes and the fear of mistakes.

Ability AI seeks to address these challenges by offering a full-cycle paid marketing automation platform powered by autonomous AI agents. This platform aims to simplify the process, allowing businesses to focus on strategy, product development, and creative endeavors.

CEO and co-founder Eugene Vyborov envisions a future where AI handles daily marketing decisions, enabling entrepreneurs to run multiple businesses from a single device. "We created Ability AI as a reliable tech tool with a clear vision, a product development roadmap, and effectively proven technology," Vyborov stated. "Our agents use top tactics in paid marketing to achieve the best ROAS, revolutionizing digital commerce for marketers and business owners."

Ability AI's SaaS platform consists of specialized agents responsible for various aspects of marketing, from strategy and content to media buying and analytics. By working in unison, these agents can achieve complex goals and execute hundreds of experiments, ensuring users stay ahead with the most effective marketing tactics.

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