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MeVitae Secures $1.8M to Drive Diversity Initiatives

MeVitae, a pioneering UK-based startup dedicated to Diversity has secured a $1.8 million seed round led by Apex Black
February 19, 2024

In the dynamic world of business, combating biases demands more than just acknowledgment—it requires innovative solutions. Enter MeVitae, a UK-based Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) startup that's reshaping the landscape of HR technology. With a recent $1.8 million seed round led by Apex Black, MeVitae is primed to revolutionize hiring processes and expand its footprint across the United States.

Rooted in the innovation hub of Harwell, Oxford, MeVitae offers a cutting-edge DE&I ecosystem of HR tools. These tools, powered by AI, meticulously detect and mitigate cognitive and algorithmic biases, empowering organizations to make fairer, smarter, and quicker hiring decisions.

Founded by Oxford University alumni Riham Satti and Vivek Doraiswamy, MeVitae is driven by a commitment to eradicating biases in the workplace. Satti, a Neuroscientist, and Doraiswamy, a Computer Scientist, united to address biases in routine decisions like hiring, leveraging their expertise in AI ethics and neuroscience.

In a world where bias mitigation is paramount, MeVitae fills a crucial void. Organizations often struggle to implement effective interventions and measure their impact—a challenge MeVitae directly tackles. Their suite of tools not only identifies imbalances in applicant success rates but also recommends diverse interventions, backed by DE&I analytics to quantify their impact.

MeVitae's impact is tangible and far-reaching. Clients spanning finance, government, and technology sectors have witnessed a significant 30% increase in gender and ethnic diversity within their organizations. With a staggering 350% expansion over the past year, MeVitae operates profitably and boasts partnerships with tech giants like Oracle and Microsoft.

With the injection of $1.8 million, MeVitae is poised for transformative growth. This investment fuels product development and facilitates the company's expansion into the US market, where the majority of its clients reside. As MeVitae sets its sights on becoming a global leader in DE&I, the future looks promising, driven by unwavering passion and innovation.

Rani Saad, Founding Partner of Apex Black, encapsulates the sentiment, expressing pride in supporting MeVitae's mission to foster fairness and equity in the workplace. As MeVitae continues to pave the way for diversity and inclusion, backed by innovation and expertise, the journey towards a more equitable future gains momentum.

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