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Midas Games Secures $1M to Transform Gaming

A significant $1 million Pre-Seed investment spearheaded by Ludus Ventures has just been landed by Midas Games
April 1, 2024

In a significant development for the gaming industry, Midas Games secures a substantial $1 million Pre-Seed investment led by Ludus Ventures.

Founded by industry veterans Selçuk Korateş, Hikmet Duran, Fatih Karadeniz, Mert Ulutaş, Emre Öztürk, and İlkim Ülgen, Midas Games specializes in crafting skill-based and competitive gaming experiences. With a collective background spanning mobile game development, publishing, software engineering, and gaming law, this powerhouse team brings a wealth of expertise to the table.

Pooling their talents after collectively amassing an impressive 25 million downloads at Gigantic Games, the Midas Games team aims to redefine the gaming landscape. Notable among them is CTO Fatih Karadeniz, renowned for spearheading the creation of internet branches for stock exchange brokerage houses and developing Turkey's largest Mobile Marketing platform.

CEO Selçuk Korateş, formerly with Rollic (acquired by Zynga), underscores Midas Games' mission: "We're dedicated to delivering unparalleled gaming experiences that reward skill, strategy, and perseverance. We recognize the immense potential of the gaming market, especially as it undergoes significant transformations."

Central to Midas Games' vision is its robust team and innovative approach. Leveraging their industry acumen, they're poised to develop scalable games and captivate audiences globally.

Backing this vision is Ludus Ventures, whose recent investment underscores its commitment to nurturing Turkey's gaming ecosystem. Mehmet Ayan, Partner at Ludus, expressed excitement about the collaboration: "Midas Games showcases the immense talent within the Turkish game industry. We're thrilled to support their journey in bringing innovative gaming experiences to players worldwide."

With plans to unveil their inaugural games in the latter half of 2024, Midas Games embarks on an ambitious quest to redefine gaming excellence.

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