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September 7, 2023

Mindgard Raises £3 Million to Fortify AI Security for Enterprises

Guarding AI Assets, A New Imperative: Cybersecurity Faces AI's Shifting Threats

As businesses increasingly embrace the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a new frontier of cybersecurity challenges emerges. Conventional measures may falter against evolving threats, leaving AI assets vulnerable to theft and compromise. Enter Mindgard, a deeptech spin-out from Lancaster University, on a mission to redefine AI security. With a fresh injection of £3 million in seed funding led by IQ Capital and Lakestar, renowned for their support of transformative ventures, Mindgard is poised to launch a groundbreaking platform that addresses the burgeoning AI threat landscape. Join us as we delve into how Mindgard is revolutionizing AI security.

As businesses increasingly harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence, safeguarding AI assets becomes paramount. Yet, traditional cybersecurity measures often fall short in the face of evolving threats, leaving AI systems exposed to potential theft and compromise.

Mindgard, a pioneering deeptech venture from Lancaster University, steps forward with a visionary solution. They offer an all-encompassing enterprise platform tailored to tackle AI security challenges head-on. With a recent infusion of £3 million in seed funding, spearheaded by IQ Capital and Lakestar, Mindgard is poised to unveil its innovative platform, fueling its expansion and growth initiatives.

Dr. Peter Garraghan, CEO of Mindgard and a distinguished professor at Lancaster University, sheds light on their mission. Currently, Mindgard is deployed by key intelligence organizations worldwide to assess, detect, and respond to AI-related issues and attacks in real-time. With this seed funding, Mindgard extends its protective umbrella to enterprises seeking to shield their operations from the rapidly evolving AI threat landscape. They aspire to become a cornerstone in AI security for enterprises.

Archie Muirhead, Partner at IQ Capital, emphasizes the critical role of AI models as emerging attack surfaces for organizations venturing into AI deployment. He applauds Mindgard for offering the most comprehensive solution to manage and mitigate this newfound risk. Mindgard's platform simplifies the complexity of model assessment through seamless integration with common MLOps and Sec Ops tools, accompanied by a growing attack library. IQ Capital is proud to support this remarkable founding team, which hails from a world-leading AI security lab at Lancaster University.

Founded in 2022, London-based Mindgard boasts a dynamic team comprising Peter Garraghan, Steve Street, and Neeraj Suri. Their specialization lies in AI security, where they empower clients to automate and expand security testing, detection, response, and remediation for their AI models. What sets Mindgard apart is its platform's easy integration with a multitude of cybersecurity systems, making it a versatile choice for enterprises. The company enjoys affiliations with the NVIDIA Inception Programme and Microsoft Founder's Hub, further underlining its commitment to excellence in AI security.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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