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Mission Zero Lands £21.8M to Revolutionize Air Capture

Cleantech innovator Mission Zero Technologies revealed a significant milestone: securing £21.8 million
March 19, 2024

Today marks a significant milestone for cleantech innovator Mission Zero Technologies, as it announces the successful closure of its Series A funding round, securing £21.8 million. Since its inception in 2020, Mission Zero has been at the forefront of pioneering a revolutionary direct air capture (DAC) technology, offering unparalleled versatility across industrial applications, locations, and scales.

Drawing inspiration from the intricate biological processes that regulate CO₂ levels in the human body, Mission Zero has developed an ingenious DAC solution. By harnessing electricity and a proprietary liquid solution, the company captures atmospheric CO₂ in its organic form. This hyper-efficient electrochemical separation method continuously regenerates the capture solution, resulting in the concentration of pure CO₂ gas.

The hallmark of Mission Zero's technology lies in its scalability and cost-effectiveness, even at smaller scales. Leveraging proven components, established supply chains, and a modular design, Mission Zero ensures rapid deployment across the globe. Moreover, its energy-efficient design, compatible with variable renewable energy sources, enables flexible operation to meet varying demand for atmospheric CO₂ removal.

With a commitment to democratizing access to sustainable carbon solutions and reducing reliance on fossil fuels, Mission Zero is pioneering diverse carbon removal and utilization pathways. The company has transitioned from self-financed R&D pilot plants to commercially funded deployments with international clients. By the end of 2024, Mission Zero aims to deploy three systems focusing on CO₂ mineralization, carbon-negative building materials, and sustainable aviation fuel.

The Series A funding round, led by 2150, with contributions from World Fund, Fortescue, Siemens Financial Services, and Breakthrough Energy Ventures, marks a pivotal moment for Mission Zero. Dr. Nicholas Chadwick, CEO of Mission Zero, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting the investors' strong environmental credentials and alignment with the company's vision.

Christian Jolck, Co-founder and Partner at 2150, underscored the transformative potential of Mission Zero's technology in driving effective carbon removal and circular CO₂ utilization. He praised Mission Zero's rapid progress from conceptualization to commercial deployment, emphasizing the team's technical expertise and dedication.

The infusion of capital will fuel Mission Zero's mission to develop a mass-deployable DAC product capable of recovering 1,000 tonnes of atmospheric CO₂ annually. With ambitions to scale up to megatonne annual capacity by the decade's end, Mission Zero is poised to revolutionize the landscape of carbon capture and contribute significantly to global climate mitigation efforts.

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