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mmERCH Secures $6.4M to Transform Web3 Fashion

The blockchain-driven Web3 fashion trailblazer, mmERCH, has revealed its groundbreaking $6.4 million seed funding round
March 15, 2024

In a groundbreaking announcement, blockchain-enabled fashion startup mmERCH unveiled its successful $6.4 million seed funding round, marking a significant leap forward for the Colby Mugrabi-led fashion house. Spearheaded by Liberty City Ventures, this investment not only underscores confidence in mmERCH's innovative vision but also heralds a new era in the fashion landscape.

Backed by a constellation of influential investors, including Paxos CEO Charles Cascarilla, fashion luminary Tory Burch, and model-entrepreneur Karlie Kloss, mmERCH's funding round signifies a convergence of talent and expertise across diverse sectors. With support from leading Web3 figures like Mike Jacobellis and Red DAO, alongside seasoned investors such as Daniel Maegaard (Seedphrase), the startup is poised for transformative growth.

Embodying a philosophy of "neo-culture," mmERCH champions individuality through its unique, one-of-a-kind fashion creations. Founder and CEO Colby Mugrabi articulates the company's mission to redefine the fashion paradigm, blending digital innovation with traditional craftsmanship. The forthcoming debut collection, crafted using generative algorithms and AI, promises a fusion of cutting-edge technology and timeless elegance.

Each garment within mmERCH's collection is accompanied by a non-fungible physical copy linked to its digital counterpart through blockchain technology, ensuring authenticity and traceability. This pioneering approach not only enhances consumer confidence but also sets a new standard for transparency in the fashion industry.

Rooted in Mugrabi's entrepreneurial vision, mmERCH embodies a commitment to creativity and community engagement. As the latest venture from the mind behind Minnie Muse, Mugrabi's expertise in digital innovation and fashion curation positions mmERCH at the forefront of Web3 fashion experiences. By leveraging AI and blockchain, the startup promises a dynamic fusion of style and technology, empowering individuals to embrace their unique identities.

With Liberty City Ventures at the helm of this funding round, mmERCH is poised to disrupt conventional fashion norms and reshape the industry landscape. The convergence of AI and blockchain technology presents an unprecedented opportunity for innovation, and mmERCH stands at the vanguard of this transformative movement. As the fashion world embraces a new era of digital authenticity and self-expression, mmERCH paves the way for a future where creativity knows no bounds.

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