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Model N Acquired by Vista Equity Partners

Model N, the go-to platform is transitioning to private ownership in a blockbuster $1.25 billion deal
April 9, 2024

Model N, the renowned platform trusted by industry giants like Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, and AMD for automating crucial decisions on pricing, incentives, and compliance, is set to transition into private ownership in a significant $1.25 billion acquisition deal. This move, orchestrated by Vista Equity Partners, marks a pivotal moment in the company's trajectory, signaling strategic shifts in the tech landscape.

In a cash transaction valued at $30 per share, Vista Equity Partners is acquiring Model N, offering shareholders a notable 12% premium over Friday's closing price and a compelling 16% premium over the 30-day average. Established in 1999, Model N's software platform seamlessly integrates with diverse data sources and internal systems, empowering enterprises to decipher market trends, assess pricing strategies, and navigate complex regulatory landscapes efficiently. Particularly prominent in sectors like pharmaceuticals and life sciences, where intricate pricing dynamics and regulatory compliance are paramount, Model N has emerged as a vital tool for industry leaders.

Despite its successful debut on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 2013, Model N's valuation had fluctuated below the billion-dollar mark in recent months, prompting Vista Equity Partners to seize the opportunity for privatization. Vista's aggressive acquisition spree, including notable takeovers like Avalara, KnowBe4, Duck Creek Technologies, and EngageSmart, underscores its commitment to reshaping the tech market.

The impending transition of Model N into private ownership underlines a strategic alignment with Vista Equity Partners, signifying a new chapter in the company's evolution. With expectations set for closure by mid-2024, pending requisite shareholder approvals, this transformative deal holds promise for both Model N and its stakeholders, steering the company toward fresh avenues of growth and innovation in the dynamic tech landscape.

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