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Morressier Raises $16.5M in Series B Funding for Research Integrity

The fortress of scholarly communications, the company has triumphantly sealed its Series B funding
By Josefina Dipaolo
January 25, 2024

In the intricate world of academia, where trust is paramount, Berlin-based startup Morressier is making waves by reinforcing the foundations of scholarly communications. In a recent triumph, Morressier successfully concluded its Series B funding round, securing an impressive $16.5 million. Led by Molten Ventures and supported by existing investors including RedalpineOwl Ventures, and Cherry Ventures, this funding round follows Morressier's $16 million Series A round announced in May 2021. Join us as we delve into Morressier's mission to champion research integrity and how this funding positions them as a crucial player in the academic landscape.

Morressier is on a mission to reshape the scholarly publishing landscape, addressing the vulnerabilities that occasionally tarnish the academic world. In a sphere where academics are the gatekeepers of knowledge, Morressier recognizes the human factor and the potential for errors or influences. The startup employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence tools, including large language models, to empower caregivers, enhance clinical treatments, and fortify the integrity of academic publications.

The Series B funding, led by Molten Ventures, signifies a resounding vote of confidence in Morressier's commitment to research integrity. The funds will play a pivotal role in propelling product innovation, expanding market reach, and fostering collaborations, particularly in the institutional and corporate sectors. Morressier's strategic allocation of funds also includes plans for targeted acquisitions, positioning them as a market leader in providing transformative workflows for scholarly communications.

Morressier's significance in the academic ecosystem is underscored by its prominent clientele, including IOP Publishing, AAAS, ASCE, APS, and Mayo Clinic. The startup's solutions, including the recently introduced Integrity Manager, are geared towards not only addressing existing challenges but also staying ahead of evolving threats to research integrity.

As Morressier secures this substantial Series B funding, it not only reinforces its standing in the scholarly publishing industry but also signals a collective acknowledgment from investors. The academic community faces a growing challenge in maintaining research integrity, and Morressier's innovative tools and solutions are at the forefront of the battle. With a clear focus on partnerships and a dedication to the evolving needs of stakeholders, Morressier is poised to lead the charge in the ongoing research integrity arms race. This investment marks a pivotal moment in Morressier's journey, solidifying its position as a guardian of research integrity and a catalyst for positive change in academic publishing.

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