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Naq Secures €3M Funding Boost to Revolutionize Healthcare Compliance in Europe

Naq has secured a triumphant €3 million, aims to revolutionize healthcare and medical compliance
January 29, 2024

In a stride towards transforming healthcare compliance, Naq, the European automated compliance platform, has triumphantly raised €3 million. This strategic funding injection aims to redefine how over 400,000 companies, particularly in the highly regulated healthcare sector, navigate compliance hurdles within the UK and the EU.

Stringent compliance and regulatory requirements have long been a stumbling block for innovators in healthcare. Naq steps into this arena as a game-changer, liberating companies from the shackles of manual compliance processes and expensive consultants. With an impressive 300% growth over the past year, Naq has become a beacon for those seeking to streamline compliance, fortify data security, and swiftly usher life-changing solutions into the healthcare market.

Naq's automated compliance platform not only empowers innovators but also serves as a dependable tool for NHS trusts, government departments, and enterprises to verify the compliance status of their suppliers. This not only simplifies operations but also bolsters the entire healthcare supply chain.

Amsterdam and London-based Naq's success story includes previous seed funding of over €1.37 million and a noteworthy £460,000 Smart Grant from Innovate UK. The latest funding round, which saw an oversubscription, garnered support from No Such Ventures and existing investors, propelling Naq toward accelerated growth.

Nadia Kadhim, CEO, and Co-founder of Naq, sheds light on the company's mission. "Nearly 50 percent of healthcare solutions face market failure due to regulatory complexity. Naq exists to empower innovators by simplifying compliance, allowing them to navigate the intricate frameworks required in the healthcare sector. This funding round will be pivotal in propelling our growth across the UK and Europe."

No Such Ventures, a key participant in the funding, expressed enthusiasm for Naq's potential. Sophie Heijenberg, an investor at No Such Ventures, highlighted the founders' expertise and the product's intuitive nature. "We are excited to join Naq on its stellar growth trajectory."

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