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January 16, 2024

Nasekomo: €8M Funding to Revolutionize Sustainable Insect Protein Production

Bulgarian biotech trailblazer Nasekomo is rewriting the script for sustainable, top-tier protein production

In a buzzing development for the global protein landscape, Bulgarian biotech scaleup Nasekomo has soared to new heights, securing a substantial €8 million in a Series A funding round. The company, driven by a vision to transform insect bioconversion, is set to construct a network of insect bioconversion factories across Europe and beyond. With insects emerging as a powerhouse of protein, rich in nutrients and sustainability, Nasekomo's mission is not just about funding; it's a bold leap towards reshaping the future of protein production.

Nasekomo, founded in 2017, spearheads advancements in insect protein production, centering its focus on Black Soldier Flies (BSF). The company's innovative approach involves rearing BSF to produce protein, oil, and fertilizer, catering to the dynamic needs of the feed and agriculture industries. Leveraging the prowess of AI technologies, robotics, and digital solutions, Nasekomo is not just cultivating insects; it's cultivating a sustainable protein alternative that could redefine the norms of farming and the food industry.

The recent funding round, led by Invenio Partners and buoyed by high-net-worth individuals, sets the stage for Nasekomo's ambitious plans. The funds are earmarked for the establishment of insect bioconversion factories, strategically positioned through a franchise model. Nasekomo envisions a network that transcends European borders, aiming for a global footprint. This comes on the heels of a strategic partnership with Siemens, emphasizing Nasekomo's commitment to cutting-edge collaborations.

Nasekomo's impact isn't confined to protein production; it's a paradigm shift towards a circular economy. The company's sustainable practices aim to reduce food waste, curb greenhouse gas emissions, and break Europe's external dependency on proteins. Co-founder Xavier Marcenac envisions this as a pivotal step towards accelerating the growth of the insect industry. Nasekomo doesn't just offer a funding narrative; it presents a holistic approach, intertwining genetics, automation, digitalization, AI-native solutions, and interconnected operations for a sustainable protein revolution.

As Nasekomo spreads its wings with the recent funding boost, it signals more than just financial support. It's a rallying cry for sustainable insect protein production, a call to reimagine our approach to nutrition, and a testament to the potential of biotechnology in reshaping our food chain.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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