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Neople Secures €6 Million to Fuel International Expansion and AI Training Center

Neople raises €6 million to expand into Germany and launch an AI training center, revolutionizing e-commerce support
June 6, 2024

In an exciting development for the AI industry, Dutch startup Neople has successfully raised €6 million in seed funding. This investment round was led by Newion and Simon Capital, with support from existing backers Peak and Curiosity. The fresh capital is set to propel Neople into the German market and fund the creation of an innovative AI-training center in Berlin.

Established in 2023, Neople is revolutionizing customer support for e-commerce businesses by providing AI-powered co-workers. These digital colleagues are designed to alleviate the heavy workload faced by support teams, delivering high-quality customer service with efficiency and precision. In just over a year, Neople has become an integral part of the customer support operations for over 100 prominent e-commerce companies in the Netherlands and Germany.

The newly secured funding will not only support Neople’s international expansion but also the development of its first AI-training center. The center aims to address the prevalent issues in AI support roles, such as incomplete or inaccurately toned responses, by allowing senior staff to train AI co-workers to operate autonomously and deliver top-notch customer service.

Hans de Penning, Neople’s co-founder and CEO, shared his vision: “We are on the brink of a significant shift in how technology integrates into our work lives. AI colleagues equipped with the right soft skills will soon handle repetitive and time-consuming tasks flawlessly. This new way of working, which we term 'Collegial AI,' will transform customer support teams, making their work more enjoyable and allowing them to focus on more complex issues. With this investment, we’re not only expanding globally but also enhancing our AI capabilities through our new training center.”

The strategic move to open a second office in Berlin, set for September 2024, underscores Neople’s commitment to growing its presence in Germany. The Berlin office will serve as a hub for the company's operations and a gateway to expanding its client base in the region.

Dorus Olgers, Principal at Newion, expressed his confidence in Neople: “We are impressed by Neople's approach to humanizing AI, driven by a deep understanding of the markets they serve. Their innovative product has garnered significant appreciation from their clients, disrupting traditional customer support methods.”

Since its inception in January 2023, Neople has rapidly ascended to become one of the Netherlands' fastest-growing startups. With prominent clients such as Rituals, The Social Hub, PSV Eindhoven, PON Bikes, and Vitaminstore, Neople’s digital co-workers are already making a significant impact. By the end of the year, the company aims to have 200 AI co-workers employed across various e-commerce businesses.

Neople’s ambitious expansion and innovative AI training center signify a promising future for the startup, poised to redefine the landscape of customer support through advanced AI technology.

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