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Neura Robotics secures $55M for US and Japan expansion

Robotics pioneer expands globally, eyes new markets, and boosts production to meet soaring demand surpassing $450M
July 21, 2023

Neura Robotics, a trailblazing cognitive robotics company founded by David Reger in Germany, has successfully raised an impressive $55 million in funding. This substantial investment comes from prominent backers such as Lingotto (owned by Exor N.V.), Vsquared Ventures, Primepulse, and HV Capital.

At the forefront of Neura Robotics' innovative portfolio is their remarkable creation, MAiRA. Blending robotics and AI, MAiRA possesses the remarkable ability to fully perceive its surroundings, interact autonomously, and engage with humans. Equipped with vision, hearing, and even a sense of touch, this cutting-edge robot is primed for applications in the service sector and households.

The fresh injection of funds is set to propel Neura Robotics' expansion into the United States and Japan. Additionally, the company plans to bolster its production infrastructure in Germany to effectively meet the exponential demand outlined in its impressive order book, which currently exceeds a staggering $450 million.

"Since our inception in 2019, Neura Robotics has been unwavering in its pursuit of innovation in the field of robotics, combining it with artificial intelligence and a platform-driven approach. This funding round is a testament to our commitment to deliver on our visionary promises," stated David Reger, the visionary mind behind Neura Robotics.

Neura Robotics' latest funding triumph signifies a pivotal moment for the cognitive robotics industry. With the support of prominent investors and their groundbreaking creation, MAiRA, Neura Robotics is poised to redefine the boundaries of innovation in robotics. As the company expands its global footprint and amplifies production capabilities, the stage is set for a future where AI-infused robotics revolutionize various sectors, leading us into a new era of possibilities.

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