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NextFloat+ Project Secures €13 Million Grant to Revolutionize Floating Wind Technology

NextFloat+ project secures €13.4M grant to advance floating wind technology with 6MW platform deployment
June 27, 2024

The NextFloat+ project has been awarded a €13.4 million grant from the European Commission’s Innovation Fund, a significant boost for the industrialization of floating wind technology. This funding will enable the deployment of a 6MW floating wind platform, known as the 'X90', at a Mediterranean Sea test site.

This ambitious project is spearheaded by a consortium that includes X1 Wind, Technip Energies, and NextFloat Plus S.A.S, aiming to enhance the competitiveness and scalability of floating wind technology. The X90 prototype is designed to be a cost-effective integrated system, featuring a structurally efficient floating platform, Single Point Mooring (SPM), and Tension Leg Platform (TLP), which collectively minimize its seabed footprint.

The substantial grant will support the technology's scale-up to a 20MW+ capacity, bringing it closer to commercial viability. X1 Wind CEO Alex Raventos highlighted the grant’s significance, stating it will drive advancements in the competitiveness of floating wind as the technology prepares for global deployment.

Building on the successful PivotBuoy Project, which tested X1 Wind’s technology with a part-scale prototype in the Canary Islands, NextFloat+ will introduce several innovations. These include a patented quick-connector system and a bio-boosting system for the floater, further enhancing efficiency and sustainability.

Willy Gauttier, VP of Technip Energies' Floating Offshore Wind Business Unit, emphasized the project's potential to advance sustainable energy solutions and expand the floating wind industry on a global scale.

The Innovation Fund, which supports this project, is financed by EU Emissions Trading System revenues and aims to back clean technologies that significantly reduce emissions. To date, it has awarded €6.5 billion to over 100 projects.

X1 Wind, headquartered in Barcelona, focuses on developing scalable floating wind technology to provide clean and affordable energy while reducing carbon emissions. Founded by Carlos Casanovas, the company has made significant progress in advancing its technology and has been recognized by the European Commission through the NextFloat and NextFloat+ projects.

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