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December 13, 2023

Nordic Startup Revolutionizes Vertical Farming with Amazon-like Robots

Berlin's urban farming trailblazer, Infarm, takes center stage, clinching a remarkable $200 million in a Series D round

In the flourishing landscape of vertical farming, a Nordic startup is stirring excitement with a groundbreaking approach that echoes the efficiency of Amazon's warehouse robots. Seasony, based in Copenhagen, has recently secured €1.5 million in funding from a distinguished group of investors, marking a significant milestone in the pursuit of transforming indoor farming. As the European vertical farming sector experiences a surge in valuations, Seasony's infusion of funds positions it as a key player ready to introduce the next frontier in agricultural automation. Join us as we unravel the Nordic startup's journey, blending innovation, sustainability, and the allure of Amazon-like robots in the world of vertical farming.

As the vertical farming market gears up to reach €25 billion by 2030, Seasony is making waves with its vision to bring Amazon-like warehouse robots, epitomized by their autonomous mobile robot, Watney, into the heart of indoor farming. Seasony's recent funding round, led by North Ventures and EFIO, not only raised €1.5 million but also fueled the company's ambition to scale indoor farming, making it more profitable and sustainable.

With Watney at the helm, Seasony aims to be the John Deere of indoor farming, handling heavy lifting, analyzing each plant meticulously, and boasting a memory that streamlines operations. Watney, akin to the renowned robots in Amazon warehouses, works tirelessly around the clock, from seed sowing to harvest. It efficiently moves plant trays up and down towering shelves, transports them between stations, and diligently collects data on each plant's characteristics and growing environment.

The fusion of advanced sensors, robotics, and algorithms allows Seasony to intervene at an early stage, providing crucial information about a plant's water, nutrient, light, or CO2 needs. This proactive approach sets the stage for maximum yield, creating optimal conditions within the vertical farm.

Seasony's successful funding round marks a pivotal moment for the Nordic startup and the broader vertical farming landscape. With Amazon-like robots redefining automation in agriculture, Seasony's ambition to revolutionize indoor farming is propelled by a significant investment. As Watney paves the way for a more sustainable and resilient food system, Seasony, founded by three childhood friends turned entrepreneurs, is not just a startup; it's a testament to the next generation of green innovators shaping the future of agriculture. The infusion of funds is more than an investment; it's a vote of confidence in Seasony's mission to drive innovation, sustainability, and resilience in the vertical farming revolution.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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