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Nuke From Orbit Raises £500K: Instant Data Protection

Nuke From Orbit swiftly shuts down bank cards, fortifies digital accounts and disables the device SIM with one move
March 8, 2024

In a bid to revolutionize mobile phone security, UK-based fintech startup Nuke From Orbit has secured £500,000 in a Pre-Seed round to propel its innovative product into the market. With smartphone theft on the rise, posing a significant threat to personal data security, Nuke From Orbit aims to provide a comprehensive solution.

Mobile phones, now integral to everyday life, store critical data, making theft more than just a device replacement issue. Recognizing this, Nuke From Orbit offers instant data invalidation, including the cancellation of bank cards, securing digital accounts, and blocking SIM cards, all with a single action.

James O’Sullivan, CEO and founder of Nuke From Orbit, expressed gratitude for the support, emphasizing the company's mission to safeguard mobile data. He highlighted the investment not only as financial backing but as a catalyst for expanding partnerships and launching a dynamic partner portal, underscoring their ambition to redefine the mobile security market.

Among the investors is Oliver Bridgen, Co-Founder & COO of specialist FX broker Ballinger Group, who identified the pressing need to address the repercussions of mobile phone theft. Bridgen's confidence in Nuke From Orbit's mission to combat cyber and financial crimes underscores the company's potential impact.

Nuke From Orbit plans to collaborate with various technology providers, including those in finance, telecommunications, and social media, to integrate its solution. The funding will support technology preparation for public beta testing in the UK market and team expansion to onboard partners. With a global vision, Nuke From Orbit aims to extend its services worldwide, prioritizing regions with high smartphone adoption and a strong presence in modern financial services.

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