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January 15, 2024

NumberEight, Newest AdTech with $2.7M for 'Privacy-First' Identity Solutions

London's very own trailblazing startup, NumberEight, has clinched an impressive $2.7 million in Pre-Series A funding

Navigating the vast landscape of the $615 billion advertising industry has become increasingly complex, with challenges rooted in privacy regulations and the overreliance on personally identifiable information (PII). As this dynamic ecosystem grapples with evolving regional regulations, adTech companies are compelled to seek innovative solutions that ensure effective advertising without compromising user privacy. In the heart of this transformative shift is London-based startup, NumberEight, securing a noteworthy $2.7 million in Pre-Series A funding to pioneer 'privacy-first' identity solutions.

In the face of stringent privacy regulations, NumberEight has emerged as a beacon of innovation. The startup's on-device AI technology, rooted in behavioral intelligence, offers advertisers a groundbreaking alternative to traditional cookies or IDs. This enables advertisers to precisely target their audiences while safeguarding user privacy, ushering in a future-proof and privacy-centric approach to advertising.

The substantial investment, led by ACF Investors with contributions from Nauta Capital, Ascension Ventures, and strategic angel backers, including industry experts like John Libby and Nick Button-Brown, propels NumberEight into a phase of accelerated growth. The funds are earmarked to fuel commercial expansion, fortify product development, and spearhead the company's foray into the competitive United States market.

NumberEight's success story is marked by significant market traction and global partnerships across the audio, gaming, and advertising sectors. Collaborations with industry giants like Southern Cross Austereo (SCA), Adverty, and AdInMo underscore the startup's prowess in reshaping the advertising landscape.

The dynamic duo at the helm of NumberEight, Abhishek Sen and Chris Watts, bring a wealth of experience and a shared vision for innovative solutions amid escalating privacy regulations. Sen's background includes stints at Apple, Palm, and Blackberry, while Watts, a former IBM researcher, specializes in air pollution sensors. Their co-founding of NumberEight signifies a commitment to bridging the gap between privacy regulations and the evolving needs of advertisers.

As governments worldwide tighten privacy regulations, the advertising industry stands at a crossroads. NumberEight's innovative approach to identity and privacy, backed by strategic investments, positions the startup as a trailblazer in addressing the challenges facing advertisers and consumers alike. The infusion of funds from ACF Investors signals not only a financial boost but also a vote of confidence in NumberEight's foresight in on-device AI and privacy-focused technologies. In a world increasingly concerned with data restrictions, NumberEight's journey unfolds as a beacon of innovation and a testament to the potential for impactful change in the adTech landscape.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content writer at TechNews180
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