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September 18, 2023

Ometria's £8 Million Boost: Elevating Retail Personalization with AI

Marketers crave personalization, but inboxes often disappoint. Enter London's Ometria, using AI to bridge the gap

In a world where retail marketers have long promised personalization but often fall short, London-based Ometria emerges as a game-changer. Armed with AI-powered prowess, this customer marketing platform is poised to bridge the gap between marketing promises and consumer inboxes.

For years, consumers have awaited the elusive promise of personalization in their marketing interactions. Despite numerous pledges from marketing tech vendors, their inboxes rarely mirror these assurances. The culprit behind this gap in customer experience lies within the technology stack employed by many retail marketers. Enter Ometria, a London-based innovator on a mission to rectify this.

Ometria has received a substantial £8 million investment injection from CIBC Innovation Banking, a notable backer of Phrase. This funding marks a significant milestone, propelling Ometria's total funding raised to over $70 million. The intent behind this capital infusion is clear: to further develop and advance the platform's AI capabilities, tailored specifically for the retail sector.

Ivan Mazour, CEO and Founder of Ometria, expressed his excitement regarding this strategic alliance, stating, "This is a great vote of confidence, and we are very excited to work with CIBC Innovation Banking and use this funding to further accelerate the development of our retail-specific AI Co-Marketer. The capital will also fuel our ongoing North American expansion, which is a huge market that has shown a clear need for our product."

Thomas Dods, Director at CIBC Innovation Banking’s European Office, shared his enthusiasm about supporting Ometria during this pivotal phase of growth. He acknowledged Ometria's tremendous potential, underpinned by its leading-edge AI capabilities. Dods highlighted the CIBC Innovation Banking team's eagerness to support Ometria's continued journey of expansion.

Founded in 2013 by Ivan Mazour, Djalal Lougouev, James Dunford Wood, and Alastair James, Ometria leverages AI to empower retail brands in driving customer-centered business growth. Their unified ecommerce intelligence platform offers a seamless and user-friendly solution, enabling online retailers to harness data for optimizing their business's profitable growth.

Ometria's Retail Success Model represents a pioneering data science model, revolutionizing CRM growth in the retail sector. It incorporates four proprietary AI algorithms, dissecting a retailer's CRM performance to formulate a personalized marketing plan for achieving revenue goals. Additionally, their Co-Marketer platform harnesses data science to automatically craft and optimize personalized marketing experiences across multiple communication platforms.

Ometria's impact is tangible, delivering an astounding 430% ROI for customers with an average payback period of less than six months. This underlines the potent revenue growth that 1:1 customer experiences can catalyze for retailers. The platform boasts over 200 clients, including esteemed names such as Steve Madden, Aden + Anais, Pepe Jeans,,, Hotel Chocolat, Feelunique, and many others.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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