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Oriole Nets £10M Seed to Slash AI's Carbon Footprint

Oriole Networks, a spinout from UCL, aims to revolutionize energy consumption in AI data centers
April 1, 2024

Introducing Oriole Networks, a pioneering UCL spinout spearheading a revolution in AI data center efficiency. With a recent infusion of £10M in funding, Oriole is poised to reshape the landscape of data processing infrastructure. Co-led by prominent investors including UCL Technology Fund, Clean Growth Fund, XTX Ventures, and Dorilton Ventures, this seed round signifies a major milestone in Oriole's journey.

At the heart of Oriole's mission is a groundbreaking technology designed to slash energy consumption in AI data centers. CEO James Regan envisions a future where Oriole's innovation, leveraging light beams to interconnect GPUs, accelerates data transfer speeds by a staggering factor of a hundred. With this latest funding, Oriole can double down on its development efforts, ushering in a new era of sustainable computing.

Regan, backed by a track record of successful university spinouts, leads a stellar team of scientists, including Professor George Zervas, Alessandro Ottino, and Joshua Benjamin. Their collective expertise and tireless research have culminated in a technology poised to revolutionize the industry.

The urgency for such innovation is palpable as the demand for AI continues to skyrocket, driving the proliferation of energy-intensive data centers. With data centers already accounting for a significant portion of global electricity consumption, Oriole's sustainable approach couldn't come at a more critical time.

Daniel Freeman of Dorilton Ventures hails Oriole's approach as a game-changer, unlocking untapped potential in existing infrastructure. Meanwhile, Beverley Gower-Jones OBE, Managing Partner of Clean Growth Fund, underscores the imperative of sustainable development in combating the escalating energy demands of data centers.

As Oriole Networks strides forward, fueled by innovation and purpose, it epitomizes the intersection of technological advancement and environmental responsibility, poised to shape the future of computing.

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