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October 18, 2023

Par Equity Ignites £67M Funding for Promising Startups

Par Equity Ventures I LP, a dynamic venture fund that's not only launched but has also successfully secured £67M

Par Equity, an Edinburgh-based venture capital firm, has unveiled an exciting new venture fund known as Par Equity Ventures I LP. This fund has successfully secured an initial closing of £67 million, with the ultimate goal of reaching £100 million. What makes this endeavor particularly noteworthy is its aim to address the imbalance in venture capital funding between the North of England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, and the traditionally dominant investment areas such as Greater London and the 'Golden Triangle' encompassing Oxford, London, and Cambridge.

The primary purpose of this substantial fund is to propel innovative technology companies with exceptional growth potential located in the North of England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. Par Equity intends to continue raising capital until it reaches the full target fund size. The support for this initiative comes from various quarters, including the Scottish National Investment Bank, British Business Investments, and the Strathclyde Pension Fund. This multi-pronged approach seeks to boost the growth of promising tech scale-ups in these regions while also enhancing their talent pools.

Par Equity's team will oversee the fund from its offices in Edinburgh and the recently established base in Leeds. The fund will be dedicated to leading or supporting Series A funding rounds for eligible tech enterprises.

Par Equity, a Certified B-Corp, is renowned for its partnerships with early-stage companies employing B2B business models and featuring robust intellectual property. These companies specialize in domains such as health tech, climate tech, and industrial tech, often driven by cutting-edge technologies like robotics, photonics, advanced materials, and AI. The firm's investment model combines the strength of its discretionary managed funds with the expertise of its engaged pool of sophisticated angel investors. This unique hybrid investment approach has been gaining recognition within the industry.

The fund's launch reflects Par Equity's dedication to fostering innovation and talent in the region. The firm believes that this fund will not only deliver crucial capital to scale-ups in the area but also stimulate a mindset shift, encouraging and enabling the most promising companies to shine on the global stage.

Andrew Noble, Partner at Par Equity, emphasized the significant market potential within the North of the UK, with a GDP of around $1 trillion. Despite its vast economic significance, this region often goes overlooked by investors. Par Equity aims to harness the impressive innovation potential in the North of England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland and transform burgeoning start-ups into leaders on the global stage.

Judith Hartley, CEO of British Business Investments, stressed the critical role of the Regional Angels Programme in fostering early-stage funding ecosystems across the UK's nations and regions. Par Equity's long-standing participation in the program highlights its dedication to fostering Series A follow-on commitments for smaller businesses in the North of England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.

Jimmy Williamson, Executive Director at the Scottish National Investment Bank, highlighted the bank's cornerstone investment as a means of driving growth in the Scottish tech sector, supporting innovation, and strengthening the locally-based venture capital industry. The impact of this initiative is set to be both far-reaching and transformative.

In summary, Par Equity's new venture fund, Par Equity Ventures I LP, represents a significant step toward rebalancing venture capital funding in the UK, with a focus on boosting innovative technology companies in traditionally underserved regions. This initiative holds the promise of transforming local start-ups into global leaders and stimulating innovation on a grand scale. The support and investment from various organizations underscore the vital role that regional investments play in nurturing early-stage funding ecosystems across the UK. As Par Equity's fund gains momentum, it is poised to become a catalyst for the local tech ecosystem, ushering in a new era of growth and opportunity.

This story not only reflects the growing dynamism of the tech industry but also the increasing recognition of the untapped potential outside traditional tech hubs, fostering a more inclusive and diverse innovation landscape. As Par Equity's fund ignites the tech ambitions of the North, we can look forward to a future brimming with opportunities for innovative companies and a thriving tech ecosystem.

The regional focus of Par Equity's fund signals a pivotal shift in the world of venture capital, bringing much-needed attention and investment to areas that have, for too long, been overshadowed by traditional tech hotspots. As the tech landscape continues to evolve, this investment promises to create a ripple effect, fueling the growth of new technologies, businesses, and talent in underserved regions.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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