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September 7, 2023

Penny Black Revolutionizes E-commerce Packaging with £1.5M Boost

Unlocking E-commerce Magic: Penny Black Transforms Ordinary Packages, Driving Sales and Loyalty

In a world inundated with mass-produced e-commerce packages, UK-based Penny Black emerges as a beacon of innovation. With a mission to transform mundane deliveries into unforgettable unboxing experiences, Penny Black has garnered an additional £1.5 million in seed funding. This investment, fueled by their remarkable partnerships and successes across the UK and Europe, underscores the growing importance of personalized packaging in the e-commerce arena. Join us as we explore how Penny Black's unique approach is reshaping the future of e-commerce packaging.

The majority of third-party logistics centers (3PLs) grapple with the challenge of personalizing packages. Often, parcels are mass-printed with a single design, leaving little room for individualization. Inside, the inclusion of gift notes attempts to compensate for the lack of personal touch.

Enter Penny Black, the disruptor in this landscape. This UK-based trailblazer introduces a game-changing solution for automated, on-demand, and exquisitely designed printouts. Their platform is meticulously tailored to cater to each customer, location, product, or package. As a result, the unboxing experience is transformed into a memorable, engaging encounter.

Penny Black's journey receives a significant boost with an infusion of £1.5 million in seed funding. This financial support comes from AGFA, a venerable 150-year-old imaging technology company, and VC investor ninepointfive, known for backing pioneering ventures like MakerVerse. This investment builds on the £1.3 million secured in October of the previous year, a testament to the company's rapid growth and achievements across the UK and Europe.

Douglas Franklin, the CEO of Penny Black, emphasizes the significance of the unboxing moment in e-commerce. He asserts that it is the last opportunity for brands to establish a physical connection with consumers. To secure customer loyalty, especially in a landscape where acquiring new customers is costly, brands must delight and surprise. The fresh investment will fuel Penny Black's further development.

Founded in 2016 by Douglas Franklin in London, Penny Black is revolutionizing personalized packaging. It serves as a unique marketing SaaS tool for e-commerce brands, seamlessly connecting online stores, marketing tools, warehouse management systems, and fulfillment centers. This integration empowers brands to harness customer data, crafting hyper-personalized experiences and printed materials that captivate customers from the moment they open their parcels.

The impact of Penny Black's innovation is tangible, with month-on-month growth and an expanding customer base. Notable clients include sustainable toothbrush retailer SURI, gin brand Warner's Distillery, and health supplements retailer Zooki. Retailers and 3PLs leverage this user-friendly marketing technology to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Penny Black's marketing SaaS tool has transcended borders and is now deployed across Europe by global fulfillment providers like Radial, Elanders, I-Fulfilment, and Schroeders.

Retailers have witnessed measurable increases in online sales through personalization campaigns. SURI, the toothbrush retailer, achieved referral share rates of up to 30% using Penny Black inserts. Krisi Smith, Co-Founder at British tea retailer Bird & Blend Tea Co., affirms that Penny Black's personalized inserts have significantly expanded their loyal customer base, leading to higher lifetime customer value.

Kevin Rogers, MD of Elanders UK, highlights Penny Black's exceptional contribution to creating personalized unboxing experiences. The technology enables highly customized campaigns, printed on-demand in distribution centers, fostering engaging communications that elevate the consumer experience. Penny Black's innovation adds substantial value to the services offered to brands, setting them apart in a competitive landscape.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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