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Photoroom: Parisian AI Startup Redefines Photo Editing

Photoroom secures a whopping $43 million in Series B funding to turbocharge its AI-powered photo editing prowess
February 28, 2024

Paris-based startup Photoroom has recently closed an impressive $43 million Series B funding round, led by existing investor Balderton Capital. This round also welcomed new investor Aglaé, with continued support from YCombinator. With this latest injection of capital, Photoroom's total funding amounts to approximately $64 million since its inception in early 2019.

While many companies dabble in integrating AI into their offerings, Photoroom takes a distinct approach. Rather than simply tacking AI onto existing features, Photoroom has developed its models from scratch. This commitment to innovation in generative AI forms the cornerstone of their strategy moving forward.

Expanding their model capabilities necessitates investments in resources like GPUs and partnerships with leading image providers and photographers. This strategic decision aligns with Photoroom's vision to democratize advanced photo editing tools, making them accessible to all.

Coinciding with the funding announcement is the launch of Photoroom's flagship foundation model, Photoroom Instant Diffusion (Photoroom ID). This model is meticulously trained to excel in product photography, ensuring consistency across images sourced from various sources.

Matthieu Rouif, co-founder, and CEO of Photoroom, underscores the significance of the foundation model, stating, "Our model has been trained to excel at product photography and can quickly adapt to user needs and feedback."

With over 150 million downloads worldwide and recognition as the sixth most popular generative AI product, Photoroom boasts an impressive track record. Renowned brands like Warner Bros., Wolt, and Poshmark have already integrated Photoroom into their workflows, leveraging its AI-powered photo editing capabilities.

As exemplified by Warner Bros.'s collaboration with Photoroom for the Barbie the Movie social media campaign, the startup's technology has made waves in the industry. Photoroom's AI-powered photo editing API facilitated seamless background removal from user-generated content, amplifying the campaign's reach and engagement.

Photoroom's innovative approach to AI-driven photo editing has not only garnered widespread adoption but has also transformed the way businesses approach visual content creation. With its latest funding round and the launch of Photoroom ID, the startup is poised to further revolutionize the photography landscape, empowering users to unleash their creativity effortlessly.

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