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October 23, 2023

Pioneering HealthCaters Secures $1.2M to Propel Expansion of Physical Health

Berlin's trailblazing startup dedicated to delivering accessible health monitoring has secured $1.2M in seed funding

Berlin-based startup HealthCaters, on a mission to provide accessible health monitoring for people of all ages, has successfully secured $1.2 million in seed funding. The investment round was spearheaded by Barmenia Next Strategies, with notable participation from Venpace, DvH Ventures (known for backing OKKO Health and Broken String Biosciences), and angel investor Philipp Götting.

HealthCaters is poised to revolutionize health assessments and disease prevention. The newly acquired funds will be channeled into product development and team expansion, furthering the goal of making HealthCaters' health assessments widely available in Germany and beyond.

The startup is addressing the escalating demand from individuals seeking accessible health check-ups. HealthCaters plans to establish physical screening stations in Berlin, along with organizing pop-up events in cities across Europe. Additionally, the company aims to broaden its reach by creating additional screening locations, enabling people to undergo personalized health assessments in a matter of minutes.

Co-founded by Lilia Kruse and Tatyana Eliseeva, HealthCaters is committed to empowering individuals with the tools for disease prevention. The heart of their solution comprises a dual-component product: a medical self-screening station and an AI-powered health coaching app.

The self-screening station permits individuals to check 27 health indicators, with the assistance of a virtual health assistant. Results are promptly analyzed within the app, generating a comprehensive 360° health assessment with actionable insights rooted in evidence-based medicine.

HealthCaters is already making a substantial impact by assisting companies such as Barmenia, Cargill, WeWork, and others in monitoring their employees' health, consequently reducing insurance costs. The HealthCaters app equips employees with the knowledge to proactively manage their health, reducing doctor visits and sick days. The approach resonates with employees who favor the simplicity of supported self-management over complex and infrequent in-person health check-ups.

According to Tatyana Eliseeva, co-founder of HealthCaters, "Preventive care is no longer a niche market. With the medical system becoming more reactive, people are realizing that proactively taking control of their health is the most effective way to avoid illness and chronic disease. Our goal is to establish ourselves as the go-to health assessment service for modern and health-conscious individuals that fits their busy schedules. We will continue to partner with corporates and health insurers to provide access to preventive healthcare to more people globally."

Lilia Kruse, medical doctor and co-founder of HealthCaters, further emphasized, "Unfortunately, the mindset of treating symptoms instead of preventing disease remains the widespread norm in modern medicine. But health does not begin the moment we enter a clinic, feeling sick. It begins the second we are born and is shaped throughout our lives. People are demanding transparency and knowledge on how to control health outcomes. People no longer want to be spectators in healthcare – they want to be drivers. Now more than ever."

Jan Seidel, Managing Director at Barmenia Next Strategies, underscored the importance of HealthCaters' mission, stating, "Health is the most important resource we have as humans. HealthCaters is on a mission to prevent diseases while helping businesses become more effective and sustainable, reducing costs on insurance, sick leave, and staff turnover." With this visionary approach, HealthCaters is poised to play a pivotal role in the paradigm shift towards proactive and accessible healthcare.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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